Famous fans explain what makes Kate Bush so brilliant

Vicky Carroll

Kate Bush is one of the most adored pop icons of our generation. Here some of her famous fans explain why...

Biographer Graeme Thomson: "Kate Bush changed perceptions"

Vicky Carroll

"She was laughed at by the male music press it took and a long time to get a handle on her – she was a posh hippy girl who pranced about."

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Ari Folman: "This crisis is the worst I've experienced"

Steven MacKenzie

Award-winning director Ari Folman on the failings of Waltz With Bashir and the drowned out voice of Israeli left-wing liberals

Gered Mankowitz: "What makes Kate Bush brilliant?"

Vicky Carroll

"What makes Kate brilliant is her unique talent, her extraordinary energy, her vision – everything she does has a tremendous vision."

Mark Radcliffe: What makes Kate Bush so great?

"I never thought I would get the chance to see her live, I didn’t see her one and only tour and I just never thought it would happen."

Glenn Cosby

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