Samira Ahmed

Forget the space escape – there won’t be any second chances

Samira Ahmed

"Interstellar struck me as a truly humanist film, describing a godless universe in which people faced with terrible odds have a choice"

How to listen to Allegri

"The most famous piece of sacred music ever written..." The Sixteen's Harry Christophers on the qualities of Allegri’s Miserere

John Bird

Boy bands, DMs and a culture of moaning. Nothing's changed..

John Bird

"Moaners enable the capitalist system to continue because moaning is nearly always in place of action"

Paul McNamee

Flying the flag for symbols? Depends where you’re standing

Paul McNamee

"The problem with claiming a historical imperative over elements of identity is fixing a place to draw the line"

Sir Alex Ferguson

"Inspiration is just as important as education"

Sir Alex Ferguson on the reaction to his autobiography, nurturing stars - and meeting Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars

How David Cameron exposed my inner Mr Smithers

Sam Delaney

"I was intimidated. Cameron might be a massive dickhead but he possesses all the self-assurance his expensive education has lent him"

John Waters

John Waters: "There is no such thing as a counterculture"

Steven MacKenzie

Outsiders, insiders and stalking. Hitch a ride with cult filmmaker John Waters... if you dare

Robin Ince

Robin Ince: "Horror was a place where many comedians hid"

Twisted tales, ghoulish punchlines... Robin Ince on why many comedians are attracted to horror fiction

The story behind the year’s most quoted figure – is it true?

Adam Forrest

'The world's richest 85 people own as much wealth as the bottom half of the global population.' What does this really mean?

The Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

The Motorpoint Arena Cardiff is a multi-purpose venue which attracts over one million customers per year