Armando Iannucci

"Your interests - not exams - influence your life"

The happiest days of your life? Armando Iannucci, David Cameron, Jamie Oliver and a host of celebrities go back to school

What is school for? Experts and celebrities answer...

Melissa Benn, Michael Rosen and others talk exams, home-teaching and Britain's "divisive" education system

Beware holding out for ‘the one’

Brendan O'Neill

"Turning politicians into The One can generate cults of personality that are ultimately destructive to the cause of rethinking politics"

John Bird

Happy 23rd birthday to us!

John Bird

"We have helped to wise up the world so that increasingly ‘giving’ is not a handout but a hand up"

Paul McNamee

Elitist attitude

Paul McNamee

"For a nation to succeed, a meritocracy, not an old school tie, must be the hardwired means to achieve"

Rubbish Day: What I learned from raking through bins

Adam Forrest

The wasted opportunities revealed by the Science Museum's 'Rubbish Collection'

Wormwood Scrubs

“If they treat me like an animal I’ll behave like one”

The nonsensical policies that are making Wormwood Scrubs and other UK prisons 'a cause for concern' - by Angela Levin

How Marvel stops the superhero genre becoming generic

Steven MacKenzie

Marvel screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus reveal the secrets behind the superhero franchise

Lloyd Langford

Lloyd Langford: "I felt like a cut-price Samuel Pepys"

We challenged the comedian Lloyd Langford to ditch technology for 48 hours. Could he cope?

Samira Ahmed

Making the connection to 21st century enlightenment

Samira Ahmed

"Western leaders condemn IS while remaining close to the Gulf States from where much of their ideology and funding is believed to emanate"