Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins: "At 15 I was a deep thinker..."

Jane Graham

Soap star Michelle Collins, 51, on her punk years, the reasons for her anorexia, and the impact of a childhood tragedy

Are we really a Christian nation?

Adam Forrest

That's what David Cameron and his cabinet ministers say. But it’s a question of faith and funding, finds Adam Forrest

John Bird

Only education can smash the class ceiling

John Bird

"Is it not alarming that illiteracy ravishes and lays to waste the poorest among us?"

The war on fat

Last time there was a sugar tax we lost America… so what could possibly go wrong? Alex Massie considers the nation's sweet tooth

Changing the record

Adrian Lobb

Sunderland's Pop Recs Ltd is bucking the high street trend to galvanise a community through culture, coffee and "good value"

One very sound bloke...

Malcolm Jack

The Radiophonic Workshop's Mark Ayres talks Doctor Who, iconic noises - and the sound of a nervous breakdown

Got something you want made public? Here’s your soapbox...

"Confronting bullies can be done with humour..." Heather Smith wrote to us about how to beat the bullies

Christopher Lee as Dracula

Vampires: From Dracula to Twilight to Only Lovers Left Alive

Writer Lauren Owen on the changing look of vampires in Western culture - and why it's okay for the undead to 'sparkle'

Bowel cancer: Screening those with learning disabilities

Claire Donaghy on the bowel health screening resources for people with learning disabilities, and their carers

Frank Skinner

"I once destroyed a bus stop with a large lump of concrete"

Jane Graham

Comedian Frank Skinner, 57, on the highs and lows of his drinking, fatherhood - and how he tried to emulate Keith Richards