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John Bercow

"Insecurity propelled me towards right-wing politics"

Jane Graham

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, 51, talks acne, rejecting the party line, and his wife's influence

Jeanette and Joanne Calderwood

Pretty, petite, fragile... and the world's best fighter

Mixed martial arts fighter Joanne Calderwood and her mother talk bruises, bullies and the big Las Vegas showdown

It should be the Fab Five. So who’s missing?

Brendan O'Neill

Did A Hard Day’s Night invent pop music style? Director Richard Lester talks about the "healthy disrespect" of The Beatles

America Ferrera

Ugly Betty interrupted my degree in International Relations

Steven MacKenzie

America Ferrera talks dragons, Scottish accents - and using her dog for acting inspiration

James Bowen with Street Cat Bob

James Bowen and Street Cat Bob: How they became global stars

Steven MacKenzie

Ex-Big Issue vendor James Bowen and his companion Street Cat Bob are a global publishing phenomenon. Here, they tell their amazing story...

"Without my dog I'd be dead or back in prison"

Andrew Burns

Street Cat Bob is the purrrfect example, but it’s not unusual for pets to change the lives of Big Issue vendors

John Bird

Purrfect: Best issue to date! Bob’s yer (feline) uncle

John Bird

"It is the sense of mutual self-help between James and Street Cat Bob that has touched so many"

Got something you want made public? Here’s your soapbox...

What hidden plastics are lurking in your supermarket trolley – or your underwear? You may not be as eco-friendly as you think

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Coastal Housing Group specialises in urban regeneration, focusing on integrating social housing with commercial developments