Felix and Dick Francis

"We all thought it was the end of Dick Francis books..."

The son of iconic crime writer Dick Francis on how an innocent lunch led to worldwide publishing success

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens: 'Books, Brooklyn and beating up Benedict'

Andrew Burns

Dan Stevens on living in New York, the new Downton Abbey series - and fighting Benedict Cumberbatch

It's in our interest to give MPs their daily bread

"Since the expenses scandal it’s been de rigueur to look upon the political class as a self-enriching clique"

Is Poundbury the answer to the British housing crisis?

Adam Forrest

Construction began on Prince Charles’ model village Poundbury 20 years ago. Could this now be the template for urban development?

Why do we need a PCC? Plod only knows..

As Shaun Wright resigns, comedian and policeman Alfie Moore examines the confusion surrounding PCCs

Will Mellor

Will Mellor: No one would take me seriously now as a singer

Jane Graham

In The Club star Will Mellor, 38, talks sensitivity, turning into a 'knobhead', and becoming a 'pawn' in the music business

Admiral Group plc

Admiral: A Big Issue Big List Subscriber

Admiral sells car insurance worldwide, and believes in empowering people so they can help themselves

Mark Strong

"Playing a Bond villain would be the absolute pinnacle"

Steven MacKenzie

Mark Strong talks bad guys, playing opposite his buddy Daniel Craig - and the actor who made him star-struck

John Bird

Koons and Hirst, what’s the big idea?

John Bird

"Deferential treatment is handed out to art people who are the real serious piss-takers of our time"

Paul McNamee

Brave new world

Paul McNamee

"The idea of people being turned off by politics is redundant. Some 97% of those eligible in Scotland have registered to vote"