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From dole queue to director’s chair

Oscars don’t have to be just for the glitterati. Production company Signature Pictures is opening doors for outsiders too

Who is the real Mortdecai?

Not Johnny Depp! The true-life inspiration is actually one of Britain’s unsung literary heroes, as David Woods highlights

All hail the anti-hero

Adrian Lobb

Wolf Hall is ruffles and beards and dissolution of the monasteries. But it also owes a sovereign or two to Tony Soprano...

Jim Kerr

My Peccadillo: Jim Kerr on finding his natural home

In this week's My Peccadillo, Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr describes his love of tramping around The Trossachs

Polly Devlin

My life has been enriched by extraordinary women

"Peggy Guggenheim and Samuel Beckett stayed in bed for four days and sent out for sandwiches to be left outside the door"

"Apple and its imitators have snuck up and stolen much of our children’s energy, enthusiasm and creativity"
"Blunt won on points but Bryant had a point. We need to make schools real places of opportunity”"
“My faith is important to me – I’ve never touched alcohol or drugs in my life and I never would”
David Oyelowo
Selma star David Oyelowo says Benedict Cumberbatch made a "beautiful gesture" in highlighting the UK film industry's lack of black actors
Mark Dempster
Former vendor turned Harley Street therapist Mark Dempster says that addiction can be channelled into something positive
Mayor of London's office chooses Big Issue Invest, the social investment arm of The Big Issue, for £10m social housing project in London
Wayne Lee Busst (left) and Ian Watson-Gladwish
On the second anniversary of the killing of two Birmingham vendors, a fellow vendor remembers his friends

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Mark Ronson

Album reviews: Ronson rediscovers his Midas touch

Malcolm Jack

"Uptown Special renews Mark Ronson’s status as a producer of keen instinct, widescreen ambition and sheer audacity"

The Ruling Class, Trafalgar Studios, London


"James McAvoy is charismatic and convincing, but The Ruling Class is a strange, misguided, convoluted misfire"

Delaram Ghanimifard

Five Books for anyone curious about life in Iran

"The plot is set in Tehran during the chaotic times of World War Two..." Delaram Ghanimifard selects books that illustrate Iran

Book reviews: I spy… something criminally good

Doug Johnstone

"Dead Girl Walking is one of Chris Brookmyre’s most accomplished books in terms of plotting and style"