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Closing the door on generation rent

Adam Forrest

"The parties stick to championing Britain as a home-owning democracy, leaving vital housing issues unaddressed"

Denis MacShane: Make a real difference this election

In this week's Rant, ex-labour MP Denis MacShane says ignore the selfies and stick to voting on your beliefs

Jack Peat: The uncharted waters of pension freedom

Jack Peat

"A pension cash-out option is likely to be the preserve of those who have reserves elsewhere to cover retirement"

Norway - still giving the UK 'one hell of a beating'

The UK's oil riches have led to recession and rising house prices. But Norway invested in the future, says Ron Culley

Hidden Britain: Snuff Mills, Bristol

The Big Issue is seeking out the hidden gems of Britain, brought to you every week in association with

"Our lumpy capitalism needs to move on from its reliance on buying and selling bricks and mortar"
"The DUP, with more seats than Ukip, the Greens and Plaid Cymru combined, could be the party to swing this election"
“I’ve got fantastic customers. One took me out for lunch on Easter Sunday”
Young Fathers
Twenty artists are nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Awards, including previous winners Young Fathers
Marking 100 years since their founder died, Celtic Football Club host a lunch for Glasgow's homeless
Ed Miliband
Labour leader Ed Miliband says the Conservatives are "trying to fund the Right To Buy plan with a bounced cheque"
John Bird
Big Issue founder John Bird joins debates on gender equality and altruism at HowTheLightGetsIn, the philosophy and music festival

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Film reviews: Still life

Edward Lawrenson

The bleak Swedish comedy, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, puts human behaviour on display

Katie Hopkins

TV: Katie Hopkins has something to say about prejudice...

Sam Delaney

"Off screen Katie Hopkins was laughing at herself, as if the character she was playing was just a great, big, ironic ruse"

Album reviews: Blur are reborn

Malcolm Jack

"The Magic Whip reveals its charms gradually and patiently, crowning Blur’s reformation as one of rare importance and integrity"

Philip Kerr

Philip Kerr: 5 historical detective books all should read

"This is the best detective novel of the 20th century..." Philip Kerr picks his essential historical detective books