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How can we stop this crimewave?

Broadcaster and author Mark Lawson says it’s a real killer: fiction is losing the plot!

Calling all pirates!

Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley charts the rise and fall of pirate radio, from ships at sea to London tower blocks

Jeanette and Joanne Calderwood

Pretty, petite, fragile... and the world's best fighter

Mixed martial arts fighter Joanne Calderwood and her mother talk bruises, bullies and the big Las Vegas showdown

It should be the Fab Five. So who’s missing?

Brendan O'Neill

Did A Hard Day’s Night invent pop music style? Director Richard Lester talks about the "healthy disrespect" of The Beatles

America Ferrera

Ugly Betty interrupted my degree in International Relations

Steven MacKenzie

America Ferrera talks dragons, Scottish accents - and using her dog for acting inspiration

"It is the sense of mutual self-help between James and Street Cat Bob that has touched so many"
"Are we allowing ourselves to become just a society of consumers, at the whim of big business?"
"I joined the Merchant Navy at 16, and witnessed apartheid in South Africa. It was a shock”
Mary Beard
Author and TV presenter Mary Beard on the sexism of the 1970s - and her youthful ambitions
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves on "smuggling" social comment into his summer blockbuster
Rebecca Adlington
Olympians Rebecca Adlington and David Weir discuss the pressures of competing at all levels of sport
Peter Corstorphine will spend double the length of average 40-hour working week selling on Glasgow pitch to raise money for charities

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BBC Proms: Alice Coote sings Strauss love songs

Kate Molleson

"The Proms is nine weeks of daft chants, tiny flags and the finest summer orchestral series in the world"

JK Rowling

Jk’s on the case - but the pace is much too slow

Thomas Quinn

"I listened to the The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) - and there were too many moments my mind wandered"

Mark Lawson

Mark Lawson: The top five crime fiction novels

"This is the greatest modern English crime novel..." Mark Lawson selects the novels it would be criminal to ignore

So Fubar so good

Sam Delaney

"I was once the editor of Heat magazine, spreading bullshit about Katie Price’s life. Would she be pleased to see me again?"