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To those who call me egghead...

How author Sue Hampton recruited a team of 'Eggheads' - and subverted a common catcall to raise awareness of alopecia

Words and pictures

Author and TV producer Eleanor Moran on the difficulty of adapting books for the small screen

Samira Ahmed

By indulging our book fetish we ignore the looming threat

Samira Ahmed

"I love books, but worry they’re like dinosaurs. A Darwinian extinction feels inevitable"

Amanda Redman

"I was really shocked to learn about the physical abuse"

Eamonn Forde

Amanda Redman discusses her years spent in hospital, her mother's background - and the importance of table manners

Pause... and learn how to appreciate Jackson Pollock

Pause, take some time out, and consider what makes a Jackson Pollock painting unique. Think you could do it? Think again...

"There are people in politics who have an overriding ability to be genuine – but public life can knock that out of them"
"It is worth remembering that things aren’t always as bleak as we allow ourselves to hear they are"
“By selling the magazine I worked my way out of debt. It’s about looking forward now”
Richard Dickson - of tribute act One And Only Direction - has urged fans to donate to a foodbank to win tickets for sold-out 1D gig
Comedian and sketch artist Markus Birdman puts Fergie in the frame at the Fringe
Mark Thomas
Colin Murray, Mark Thomas and Stuart Braithwaite among others confirmed for The Stramash festival, sponsored by The Big Issue
Bryan Whiting
Yorkshire vendor Bryan Whiting in sponsored head shave after his wife loses her battle with cancer

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Album reviews: The next generation

Malcolm Jack

"Widescreen in scope and gut-quakingly heavy at points, What Went Down finds Foals inexorably on the up"

The strange comedy Norway created when no one was looking

Sam Delaney

"About a marriage counsellor with a deep disdain for marriage, Dag is dark, strange and laugh-out-loud funny"

Charity Norman

Charity Norman: Top 5 books that challenge gender

"A white-knuckle adventure, she has to dress, walk and play cricket like a man..." Charity Norman selects 5 books that challenge gender

Book reviews: A big story about a little life

Jane Graham

"Hanya Yanagihara's A Little Life is a novel of extremes, but truthful in a way that most American stories do not dare to be"