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Sir Ian McKellen

"Human beings need stories to illuminate their own lives"

Steven MacKenzie

What happened when Sir Ian McKellen met Shakespeare? The Big Issue was there to record the words of wisdom between two theatrical giants

Gregory Fitoussi

Spinning a good tale...

Adrian Lobb

Out of Spiral and into Spin, French star Grégory Fitoussi is driving the interest in brooding foreign thrillers

Hidden Britain: Folkestone Castle, Cheriton, Kent

The Big Issue is seeking out the hidden gems of Britain, brought to you every week in association with

National Libraries Day: If walls could talk...

Ahead of National Libraries Day, Philippa Cochrane of Scottish Book Trust writes a love letter to all the libraries in her life

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas in 'stone-hugger' confession!

Comedian Mark Thomas on why he loves the mystery and adventure of stone circles - especially when they're hiding

"Erwin James' story proves that he bucked the madnesses of his child-rearing, that led to those ugly deaths"
"Gary Neville highlighted the issue of homelessness - and during Vendor Week, other well-known faces will be doing the same"
“Selling The Big Issue has done a lot of good for my pride and confidence. Things are going better now...”
Latest figures show that sales of The Big Issue have increased – meaning vendors are getting a greater hand up than ever before
Watch Owen Jones, James O'Brien and other famous faces don the Big Issue tabard to support INSP #VendorWeek 2016
National Housing Federation warns that welfare reform could close specialist housing for Britain's most vulnerable people
This week, a Big Issue vendor's good deed set the news agenda and swept social media...

Latest Reviews

Any Means Necessary, Nottingham Playhouse


"The audience likely knows the ending of Any Means Necessary, yet watches breathlessly as the lies of this true story unfold"

Book reviews: The heart of the matter

Jane Graham

"Oncologist Austin Duffy shows what it’s like to be greeted every day by strangers who see you as a a harbinger of hope"

Clare Furniss

Five books everyone should read before they’re 15

"This is invaluable for gay teenagers but also all teens..." Clare Furniss selects five essential books for those under 15

Dinosaurs on Other Planets by Danielle McLaughlin – review

Doug Johnstone

"The fantastic stories in Dinosaurs on Other Planets deal with universal themes of love, loss and quiet desperation"