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From Schoenberg to Sigur Rós

Once the Fringe’s stuffy uncle, the Edinburgh International Festival now offers an avant-garde blend of traditional and modern arts

Melissa Joan Hart

Pineapples, presidents and twirling moustaches

God’s Not Dead 2 star Melissa Joan Hart says the atheists 'have got nasty' in response to her new film...

‘Last night a grilled cheese sandwich saved my life'

Festival food is a lucrative business but it’s not the only reason vendors are queuing up to feed sleep-deprived revellers

Why football is played on the field of mathematics

Professor David Sumpter says there is much more to mathematics in football than just 4-4-2

Zac Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith: I will double house building to 50,000 a year

Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative Party's candidate for London Mayor, on his plans to release unused public sector land for house-building

"A healthier mentality would work wonders for people like the young man I met on the train..."
"Thanks to the limitless fortitude of the relatives of the 96 people who died, we all now know the truth"
“I’m a big reader. I love horror and sci-fi – Stephen King is my favourite author”
A 'victory for compassion' as Italian court rules that a homeless man was in a "state of need" when taking food from a supermarket
Following The Big Issue interview between Mark Hamill and Ray Davies, the two cultural icons will be meeting again - and you can be there!
The PPA Awards 2016 sees The Big Issue nominated in the categories of British Consumer Magazine of the Year and Editor of The Year
London mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith slug it out over housing, homelessness and each other's campaigns

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Album reviews: Her anger is an energy

Malcolm Jack

"The darkly beautiful soundscapes on Hopelessness lend urgency and authority to Anohni’s words. This album is impossible to ignore"

Ellie Harrison

TV: I’ll watch this till the cows come home

Lucy Sweet

"Countryfile is a beacon of feminism. Female presenters wear fleeces and do things like burning heather and shovelling horse poo..."

Adam Sisman: The top five spy thrillers

"Breathlessly tense, wonderfully imagined, with a hero unlike any other..." Adam Sisman selects his top five spy thrillers

Book reviews: Trapped in the past

Doug Johnstone

"The Wolf Trial is not for the squeamish, Neil Mackay letting the action speak for itself through his propulsive narrative"