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Revel Guest: Triumph of the Spirit

"Bits of me don’t work so well," says Hay Festival chair Revel Guest, "but don’t force me into a retirement I don’t want."

Floella Benjamin: “I’ve always spoke out for equality"

The giddy rise of former TV presenter turned House of Lords peer Floella Benjamin. From Play School to baroness…

Polly Devlin: Why Don’t I Act My Age?

Polly Devlin is a novelist, art critic and 60s Vogue pioneer. Call her ancient. Or even antiquated – just don’t call her elderly…

Sue Ayton: Defying The Doom-Sayers

Older women in the media hear the calls for them to step aside. But it’s too soon, says TV agent Sue Ayton…

Anne Ashby: Fashion pioneer, entrepreneur and survivor

Anne Ashby, picked by Joan Bakewell to write for The Big Issue, went from homelessness to the House of Representatives.

"The Union has worked well for the cliques and parties that have ruled from Westminster and the lopsided Britain we have now"
"This thing that has been started, a desire for greater self-determination, is reaching beyond Hadrian’s Wall"
“Sleeping rough is no fun. Nothing really terrible has happened, but I've been kicked and shouted at a bit”
The first official Big Issue vendor pitch inside a UK railway station has been unveiled at Euston Station
On the eve of Social Saturday, Big Issue vendors ask MPs to support them as small business operators
John White
Staff, customers and Edinburgh's Lord Provost pay tribute as 'exemplary vendor' John White passes away
Sir Christopher Bland
Ex-BBC chairman Sir Christopher Bland on the "tragic" consequences of Scotland having a parochial broadcaster

Latest Reviews

Still Game

Still Game, SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Steven MacKenzie

Scotland may still be game for a laugh after the referendum but where is the wit and warmth that made Still Game such a success?

Film reviews: Tapping into an enigma

Edward Lawrenson

"20,000 Days On Earth is a brilliant, shimmering collage of a film, illuminating Nick Cave's creative process"

TV reviews: Under pressure... but keeping their heads

Jane Graham

"In general, this TV debate was an embarrassing and stressful experience for those who witnessed it..."

Peter Maxwell Davies

Classical music: Lord of the isles

Kate Molleson

"Peter Maxwell Davies' music has a deep connection with his home of Orkney: the stormy seas, the windswept horizons..."