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Electric dreams

Steven MacKenzie

Zoe Grace struggled with addiction and homelessness but is using art to spread positive messages and show that everything is possible

Ed Skrein: Deadpool's very British villain

Steven MacKenzie

Rapper turned actor Ed Skrein says Deadpool shows comic book films are cooler than ever

Morgan Freeman in Along Came A Spider

Author Leye Adenle: 'How I found black heroes in crime'

Blockbusting megastar Morgan Freeman inspired Nigerian writer Leye Adenle to succeed in a genre he loves

Loneliness: A story of our times

Loneliness is a social taboo, but it affects many people. Writer Johnny Monroe tracked the life and death of his ex-partner Alison...

Paul Giamatti

Paul Giamatti: "Make sure you do what you love in life"

Billions star Paul Giamatti on his teenage shyness, the dawning of fame - and why he might have thought twice about becoming an actor

"Only by creating and enlarging social trading can we change that wealth gap we all supposedly hate"
"A sense of the best and worst of humanity swept around like a mighty wave last week"
“It’s fantastic to see Wales in the Euros but we’re too reliant on Gareth Bale”
Star Wars icon Mark Hamill and Kinks legend Ray Davies get together once more this weekend – to help the homeless in London
First look at the film about Big Issue vendor turned bestselling author James Bowen whose life was transformed after meeting a stray cat
Homelessness theatre group Cardboard Citizens stage Ken Loach's seminal 1966 drama Cathy Come Home
Ralph Millward – Photo by Richard Crease
A 'sensory garden' has been created in memory of Ralph Millward, who was killed by teenagers in 2009

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Classical music: A voyage into the past

David Fay

"Composed for the viol consort Fretwork, The World Encompassed charts Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe"

Gérard Depardieu

TV: You can’t take your eyes off The Big G

Sam Delaney

"Marseille is eminently watchable simply because of Gérard Depardieu's charisma, swagger and – perhaps most of all – gigantic face"

Book reviews: A textbook marriage

Jane Graham

"Dean Bakopoulos delivers blush-making observations in Summerlong, which dissects a marriage in suburban Iowa"

Julie Kagawa: Five mythological creatures in fiction

"Whatever role dragons play, they can never be ignored..." Julie Kagawa looks at five mythological creatures in fiction