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Dominic Laurie: Breaking the bank

"If you are using a credit broker you should ask yourself why..." The cost of dealing with the payday middle men

Cartoonists still have plenty of punch

Britain's cartoonists - some of the world's finest - continue to hold politicians to account, says Tim Benson

Polly Devlin

I’m only now ready to be a mother... and they've gone

"I know now that most women are too young to be mothers. We have no training for it except our own experience of being a daughter"

My nightmare at Christmas

For some people Christmas can be a very painful time of year. Asperger's Syndrome sufferer Robert Walsh on why not everyone is merry

Alan Johnson

"It’s better to be the best Prime Minister we never had..."

Jane Graham

Former government minister Alan Johnson on his gigging years, not attending university - and his life-long debt towards his sister

“Scrooge, unless you make an example of Bob Cratchit,” said the ghost, "he’ll become a role model for every future poor sniffler"
"The sentimentality of Christmas leads to feelings that lead to action. This is to be applauded"
“I’ve got an MSc in climate change and a bachelor’s degree in geology. I’d like to work as an engineer”
Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise have helped provide 100 new tabards and will support vendors in dental care
John White
Much-loved Big Issue vendor John White will have a lasting memorial at the Edinburgh pitch he spent eight years selling from
John Bird
From 18th century masterpieces to Western film scores, discover Big Issue founder John Bird’s favourite classical music
It's a musical Christmas as Big Issue vendors strike a very personal note with their own version of a yuletide classic

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The Big Issue's Best Books of 2014

A panel of experts, including Helen Macdonald, Robert MacFarlane and Shaun Usher, pick the best books of 2014

Christmas TV movies: Ho, ho, ho…

Edward Lawrenson

Harry Potter, Notorious, The Tree of Life... Not all festive TV will make you spit out your mince pie

Album reviews: Enter the cuter, cleaner Wu-Tang Clan

Malcolm Jack

"Even if A Better Tomorrow isn’t a patch on the Wu-Tang Clan's mighty debut, it should be honoured with intensive repeat go-arounds"

HL Dennis

HL Dennis: 5 books every child should read before they're 12

"This modern-day fable celebrates being different..." HL Dennis selects her essential reads for kids