Gerald Scarfe - self-portrait

“Cameron, Clegg and Miliband really are boring”

Andrew Burns

Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe on today's breed of 'lifeless' politicians - and the cutting edge of Margaret Thatcher

You'll Never Walk Alone: A Big Issue vendor's title dreams

Andrew Burns

The Liverpool-supporting Big Issue vendor who saved a young girl from drowning on what the club's anthem meant in communist Hungary

John Bird

Big laughs: TBI founder John Bird sets out on comedy tour

Prime ministers, pop stars and one very colourful life - catch The World According to John Bird

George Osborne

What does George Osborne really mean by "full employment"?

Adam Forrest

With youth unemployment at nearly 20%, The Big Issue takes a hard look at the Chancellor's pledge

Joel Hodgson

Big changes: How one vendor is moving hearts and minds

Andrew Burns

Budding Commonwealth Games runner and ex-vendor Joel Hodgson is having an impact upon the futures of more Big Issue sellers...

What happened when Londoners went on a 'little manhunt'!

Sally Brammall

Covent Garden was the place to find very tiny people yesterday - a competition set up by Roy's People and The Big Issue Foundation

More celebrities don the famous red tabard!

Andrew Burns

In the latest Big Sell-Off, comic Paul McCaffrey and designer Robyn Coles are among those selling The Big Issue

The tragic death of Tim Hetherington, three years on

Andrew Burns

Ex-Big Issue man Hetherington, who died in Libya in 2011, was one of the world's most accomplished photographers until his untimely death

A Disunited Kingdom?

With the referendum on Scottish independence fast approaching, The Big Issue asks: Is this just the start?

Istvan Kakas

Big Issue seller saves young girl from drowning

Andrew Burns

Bath vendor Istvan Kakas helped pull a terrified young girl and her father from the River Avon – using his trusty broom!