Big Issue vendors ask all MPs to buy a magazine off them

On the eve of Social Saturday, Big Issue vendors ask MPs to support them as small business operators

Mark Strong

"Playing a Bond villain would be the absolute pinnacle"

Mark Strong talks bad guys, playing opposite his buddy Daniel Craig - and the actor who made him star-struck

Sarah Hadland

"Miranda and I offer alternative female role models"

Sarah Hadland on the social impact of hit series Miranda - and why the show has been such a success

Still Game

Still Game returns: "Something is burgeoning in Scotland"

The Big Issue caught up with Still Game creators Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill ahead of the 21 night sold-out juggernaut live return

Will Mellor

Will Mellor: "I didn't like who I had become"

In The Club star Will Mellor on how his TV and pop star fame turned him into a 'knobhead', and becoming a 'pawn' in the music business

Big Issue vendor Lee Barnes standing outside Sainsbury's, Southampton

Celebrate your vendor for The Big Issue's birthday

Andrew Burns

We need you to help us build a great collection that will tell the nation how important Big Issue vendors are...

John White

Much-loved Edinburgh vendor John White dies

Andrew Burns

Staff, customers and Edinburgh's Lord Provost pay tribute as 'exemplary vendor' John White passes away

Sir Christopher Bland

"A separate Scottish Broadcasting Corporation? Disastrous"

Andrew Burns

Ex-BBC chairman Sir Christopher Bland on the "tragic" consequences of Scotland having a parochial broadcaster

High quality, handmade bags at The Big Issue shop

Social enterprise SWAGS World® create products from recycled materials that empower women globally - available at The Big Issue shop

The art of survival: Big Issue vendor paints a bright future

Taking an art A-level in prison transforms the life of Big Issue vendor Lee Hoyland