Charlie Simpson

Charlie Simpson: "In Busted we never got asked about music"

Ex-Busted guitarist Charlie Simpson talks about his frustrations during the Busted years

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade: "Every film looks like Transformers 2 now"

Director and comedy actor Richard Ayoade discusses his film The Double - and empathising with a murderer

Gaza conflict prevents teenage pianist playing in London

Rosenna East

Sara Aqel, 14, "devastated" on missing out on joining fellow Palestinians in Earls Court performance

Ian Lavender: "The Dad's Army remake casting is wonderful"

Andrew Burns

Original Dad's Army actor Ian Lavender - Private Pike - on the big screen remake of the iconic series

Despite global demand you can still buy 'The Bob Issue'

International orders continue to flood in for the magazine featuring James Bowen and Street Cat Bob

Three families in Scotland richer than poorest 20 per cent

Andrew Burns

Oxfam Scotland says wealth in the country is far too concentrated - with poverty on the rise

"When we look at the apes we’re looking at ourselves"

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves on "smuggling" social comment into his summer blockbuster

Steve Cram

"Sports provision is almost non-existent in parts of the UK"

British athletics star Steve Cram on why Britain must improve at "increasing the talent pool"

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington: “I didn’t like getting nervous"

Olympians Rebecca Adlington and David Weir discuss the pressures of competing at all levels of sport

Big Issue vendor's marathon charity sell

Adrian Lobb

Peter Corstorphine will spend double the length of average 40-hour working week selling on Glasgow pitch to raise money for charities