Issue 1126

Oct 27, 2014
The Big Issue no 1126

It's Halloween. Unleash your inner Ozzy

In this week's Big Issue...

It's Halloween, and what better mask to wear than that of Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince Of Darkness? For a prince of darkness, he really likes to smile a lot. So here he is. Smiling. Ozzy is our Letter To My Younger Self subject this week. And what a subject! He remembers more than you might think and has much to say about burglary, The Beatles, breaking his neck and the moment in life he’d most like to go back to.

Also this week...

  • You may have heard something of Russell Brand launching a new book this week. Come and be media partner at our ‘anarchic fayre’, said Russell. “I love The Big Issue,” he added. “It's a cool magazine that you feel better after you've read. Unlike Razzle or Vogue. Where you feel guilty or fat.” How could we refuse? See what happened when Russell Brand met John Bird. Includes Brand biting back against John Lydon after his recent dig.
  • Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is Rhys Morgan, who works in Bristol. He’s looking to get into carpentry and talks simply and fondly about memories of fishing as a child. Another fascinating piece.
  • In his column, John Bird considers futures and hope, new dawns, opposites and glitter.
  • Rachel Johnson returns with a great piece about what it means to be a mentor.
  • Game Of Thrones is popular, I believe. So we have a delicious exclusive for fans. Elio Garcia (the superfan) has spent nearly two decades plotting out the world of Westeros – much of it the company of George RR Martin. He writes for us about how it is to create such a piece of work. And brings some previously unknown details to the fore.

And don't forget our competition for kids to design the Christmas cover.

The Big Issue no 1126
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