Issue 1129

Nov 17, 2014

It's Fergie Time - Exclusive interview

This week we have another belter of a splash.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson. A great interview by Ron Culley. Some fantastic lines about retirement, Glasgow memories, about the Scottish ancestry he immediately starting tracing with a particular Hollywood star at the Oscars, some great stuff on his Mastermind subject, his ideal dinner guests. Oh, and where Manchester United are now is touched upon...
  • Ray Winstone is our Letter To My Younger Self. He is very honest about what he really thinks of his ability, what makes him cry and his regrets. Another side to him here.
  • Spot The Ball. As if you needed reminding - it’s here. In The Big Issue. And you can win the new Viz book!
  • Cathy Johnson told the story of how she came to work selling The Big Issue in a recent edition. It was an incredible tale that touched a lot of readers. There were many offers of help. And then, a series of truly extraordinary things happened. This is a story that must be read.
  • Samira Ahmed is back with a piece looking at climate change, the movie Interstellar and humankind’s lack of faith in technology.  
  • John Bird, meanwhile, considers what protest and hope means and also salutes the Youth Hostel Association.
  • Dominic Laurie, our business editor, casts his gimlet eye over pensions and retirement, while also on the Economics pages, Adam Forrest investigates whether the idea that social mobility is dead carries any water.
  • Hello/Goodbye. This week, our featured vendor on page 3 and final page is Andrew Lannigan from Glasgow. He is a battler.

Gaston Dorren, the linguist, has a piece looking at the necessity of new influences and developments to English, Amanda Palmer lights up the Books pages, Street Art features and more from Big Issue Boffin Dr Ben Ambridge. And more besides.

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