Big Issue Foundation Weekly Lottery

Play our lottery for your chance to win a huge £25,000!

Play our lottery

Play our lottery for your chance to win a huge £25,000!

Playing our lottery is one of the simplest ways to create opportunities that will end poverty and exclusion for Big Issue vendors. Play now!

How it works

When you sign up you’ll receive a unique 6-digit lucky number for each entry you take – each entry costs £1. Then, fingers crossed, see if your lucky number is one of those selected when the draw is made every Monday.

Join via direct debit – each line costs £1 per week, £4.34 per month as some months have 5 draws.


If you win, we’ll automatically pop your prize-winning cheque in the post for you! There’s no need to claim your prize.

To win a prize you must match at least three numbers in the right order.

  • 1st prize: Match 6 numbers and win £25,000
  • 2nd prize: Match 5 numbers and win £250
  • 3rd prize: Match 4 numbers and win £20
  • 4th prize: Match 3 numbers and win £2

If you match all 6, you win £25,000 guaranteed – no sharing the jackpot!

Check if you’re a winner

The results will be published on:

You can also see previous Weather Lottery draw results on the results page

How to sign up

Sign up here or contact us on 020 7526 3458 or

How £1 a week can really change lives

3 months

3 months

Playing for 3 months could pay for an hours time with a frontline service broker to access health services
Play now
6 months

6 months

Playing for 6 months could support a vendor to obtain official ID to access housing and financial services
Play Now
12 months

12 months

Playing for 12 months could buy a Big Issue vendor a new suit and shoes for an upcoming job interview
Play Now

Terms and conditions

This Weather Lottery is administered by Prize Provision Service Ltd who are licensed by the Gambling Commission as an External Lottery Manager. For full terms and conditions click here.

How our Weather Lottery works

The Weather Lottery result is based on the last digit of the fahrenheit temperature forecast for six European destinations, as published in the Daily Mail newspaper each Monday.

The Weather Lottery has already raised millions of pounds for hundreds of different charities – it’s a great wait to support The Big Issue Foundation whilst getting the chance to win big!

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