Benedict Cumberbatch lovers are buying The Big Issue in bulk for other fans

A Benedict Cumberbatch fanatic shared why the community were desperate to get their hands on a copy

Every week we strive to bring you the very best The Big Issue we can, and it’s always a delight to see your reactions – especially to who, or what, we’ve put on our front cover.

This week was no different, but little did we predict just how massive a reaction there’d be to our cover from some fans, as new star of Patrick Melrose Benedict Cumberbatch took to Britain’s streets.

We’ve tapped in to an incredibly dedicated fanbase of delightful Cumberbatch fans who’ve been scooping up the magazine in bulk to hand out to fellow superfans all around the world. The response has been enormous!

One fan, Sandy, took to Twitter to share her experiences running around London buying up all the issues she could to give to fans and friends at home and abroad.

The common factors are the we’re women and we have an appreciation for the talent and kind generous nature of Mr. Cumberbatch.

“We are from all over, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and the US, like me. We are young, old, and in-between, all different professions, and walks of life,” Sandy told us. “The common factors are the we’re women and we have an appreciation for the talent and kind generous nature of Mr. Cumberbatch.”

Sandy said how one of the best things about this common appreciation of Benedict is the number of real friends they’ve made through the fandom. “I personally have mostly overcome a fear of flying, first to come over for Hamlet, to become somewhat of a frequent flyer! Indulging my love of London is a huge benefit, as is gathering with friends, as we did at BAFTA last week,” they said.

“Most of my friends left before this issue came out. I got an email about it on Sunday, passed it on to my friends, one of whom runs a popular Benedict Twitter account. That got the message out and the requests started coming in!”

Sandy said she posted 10 copies of this week’s The Big Issue across Europe. The rest, are going back home to the US with her for other friends and fans.

“I have been mailing the Big Issues that I bought off to the people who requested them. This issue made a lot of people very happy!” she said.

It’s not too late to pick up this week’s issue featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. Wherever you are in the world, you can order the current issue or any past issue from The Big Issue Shop.