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Jet from Gladiators analyses top politicians by what’s on their desk

Jet from Gladiators has gone from high-kicking TV star to psychotherapist. She turns her new powers on Johnson, Trump, Merkel and more
Boris Johnson's desk

After hanging up her pugil stick, high-flying, hair-flicking Jet from Gladiators, aka Diane Youdale, became a psychotherapist with a speciality in “desk analysis”. So we picked a line-up of top politicians for her to study. Contenders ready?

The desk where we work reflects us, like the homes we live in.

After all, you have created it so it’s only logical that how it is organised to function is some form of representation of your mental processes. Why it is organised as such intrigues, so over many decades of work in the area of the human psyche, I have developed a code of analysis of the desks where we work.

Unfortunately, when you know someone is coming to look at your home you’ll tidy it. So it is the case with these desks of world leaders. They don’t reflect the true person in its most authentic sense as they will be camera ready. However, from what I can see in the pics provided…

Boris Johnson's desk
Boris Johnson's desk

Boris Johnson

The picture only allows a small section of his desk at a brief moment when the Downing Street cat upstages everything! Apart from how candid and distracted he can be, there is the four-time Chancellor William Gladstone’s 1860 Budget Box. These days the iconic red box apparently contains speech notes. It shows it’s used and can evoke a great regard for tradition.

Boris is all over this desk, which shows chaotic function and is very reflective of his leadership style no doubt. What is interesting to me is that the immediate affairs are not stacked but upright in an older-looking standing file directly in front of him. At times his ability to prioritise may get undone.

Donald Trump's desk
Donald Trump at his desk

Donald Trump

He has a traditional desk, an open table on which anything can be put. However, it may not follow that it gets any attention of value. He is not afraid to wade in – but how much is then processed with balance and foresight remains to be seen.

The placement of a bronze bucking bronco being tamed by a rodeo cowboy interests me with its energy and where it sits; unfinished and unbridled work in his life he keeps in check. It could reflect that he isn’t afraid to ride out the wild. Many points for effort but the style remains raw.

Jacinda Ardern's desk
Jacinda Ardern's desk

Jacinda Ardern

Nicely organised in terms of how she partitions her time. Once something is in front of her, it will get unfettered attention. She will have a good sense of how much time she will apportion too.

Passionate about her country, its value and beauty. She uses her senses and isn’t afraid to balance her logical brain with intuitive resources. From her desk I can see how much she still values learning, knowledge and being across her departments. She’s not afraid to use her team and their expertise as a resource.

Angel Merkel at her desk
Angel Merkel at her desk

Angela Merkel

From her desk, she is organised in all the right spheres and areas of logic thought. Methodical. Nothing she would look at wouldn’t be considered on a larger all-meaning platform. This is what is needed from a head of country! It’s important to her.

I’d love to know who or what is on the picture, and I can make a guess at it being someone or something very important and inspirational connected to her values and motivations. What she deals with in any one moment is given clear focus and attention.

There is likely to be a bit of a backlog in certain affairs which are not of priority to the greater cause. Even here she is capable of keeping it in check and organised – a good time keeper who also knows how to do some health care when she gets the time!

Rishi Sunak at his desk
Rishi Sunak at his desk

Rishi Sunak

This desk reflects an ability to keep being methodical with what is right under his nose. Has a good sense of keeping clear objectivity on the matters at hand. Keeps a good sense of professional distance from other distractions during working time, although congenial when this has to be so.

Once clocked off he can boundary professional to personal time, as good as can be under such circumstances and the demands of the role, especially during current times.

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