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Jamie Blackley interview: “Kissing Chloë Moretz? She was very laid-back…”

If I Stay star Jamie Blackley on the best day of his life, awkward acting scenes – and being in the next Woody Allen film

What was the best day of your life?


They’re promoting your new film If I Stay by asking people what their best day was like. You should have an answer prepared.

Actually, it was last year when Crystal Palace got promoted. Me and my dad spent the day together, had a few drinks then went to Wembley to watch them be promoted. That was the best day of my life.

I imagine Crystal Palace bring you lots of bad days as well.

Absolutely. We nearly went out of business about three years ago so I’m just happy I’ve a club to support.

You need a different answer for Americans. They will think Crystal Palace is the name of a stripper.

 Ha! They’ll go: “Who the hell?”

Kissing scenes are always awkward

So tell us about If I Stay

It’s about a girl who is a cello player and gets into a terrible car accident. She has this out-of-body experience at the hospital where she has to decide whether she wants to live or die. I play her boyfriend and the story flashes back to our whole relationship. He’s a nice guy, a romantic guy – he’s nothing like me.

Is it a challenge to play someone unlike yourself?

The hard stuff is working out how to make it convincing you’re in a relationship with somebody you don’t know.

Your co-star Chloë Moretz recently said: “There’s nothing worse than being on-set with an actor you have to kiss and then they, like, get all weird.” How was it for you?

Kissing scenes are always awkward. Anyone who says that they aren’t… they’re completely awkward. Chloë was really laid-back, if you’ve got two people who are on the same wavelength then it’s fine. It’s just acting innit? It’s just pretend. It’s all a lie.

You were cast but later replaced in the latest 300 film. Were you involved long enough to benefit from their training regime?

I was so excited but I didn’t start the training regime. What happened was I showed up for my costume fitting, they looked at me and said: “Oh my God, he is way too big and strong to be in this movie…”

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I believe you…

Well, the guy they originally wanted [Jack O’Connell] wasn’t available so they hired me but then he became available. Also I was too big and strong.

You have been cast in the next film Woody Allen’s working on. What can you say about that?

All I can say is I’m on board and I’m really really excited.

Do you know the title?

I can’t tell you what it’s called.

Do you know where it might be set?

I can’t say.

But you do know, you’re just not allowed to say?

Yeah, I know but I’m not allowed to say.

But it is known that Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone will also be in it.

It’s mad isn’t it? A group of people I could never even imagine working with. I’m super excited about the whole thing. I’m excited to find out what the thing’s about!

If I Stay is in cinemas