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These are difficult times for The Big Issue. Now more than ever vendors need your help

We are one of the only businesses in the UK that operates exclusively on the streets, meaning The Big Issue and its vendors will be acutely affected by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis.

We’ve helped well over 100,000 people over the past 29 years and on average we put £5 million into the pockets of our vendors every single year.

The Big Issue needs your support, now more than ever. Our income comes from street sales and without our vendors on the streets, we cannot help those people that really need us, now and in the future.

If you can’t find your local vendor, you can now support us in the following ways:

  • Subscribe for home delivery for 3 months whilst your vendor isn’t on the street
  • Or take a digital subscription to have it delivered weekly to your inbox

Thank you for your support!