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Finance advice from our money experts is a click away

Covid has impacted everyone, and many of us are worried about our financial health right now. So The Big Issue has created a series of short videos to show you how you can get your finances back on track and plan for the future
We've teamed up with Experian for simple videos to help get personal finance on track

Finance matters to everyone right now. The Covid pandemic has had a global, national and personal impact on all of us – not least our budgets.

And over the last few weeks in The Big Issue’s Financial Health campaign, supported by Experian, we’ve been sharing expert advice on how everyone can keep on top of money worries through the pandemic.

Advice includes how to get support for mental health problems caused by debt, and budgeting for under-25. And how to boost your finances whether you’re working, on furlough or like many, unfortunately found yourself facing redundancy.

Because we all like easy to follow info, we have also created a series of simple, helpful videos from James Jones at Experian.

Everything you need to know about personal finance…

They cover how to start getting your finances in order in three easy first steps. So, start by carrying out your own spending review, compare and switch on regular bills, and use your credit score to your advantage. James explains how easy it can be to start getting in control and dealing with finance worries.

Or if you’re on a low income here’s how to boost your chances of getting the best deals, from mobile phones to white goods to credit cards.

And check that you’re getting all the right help. That might be your insurance, or talking to lenders if you face problems.

Additionally, our partners at under-25s support agency The Mix talk about their own experiences. They share the best tools and advice to help with budgeting for younger people, who are hardest hit by the pandemic. And there are tips whether you’re studying, working or getting ready to plan for the future.

And so they’re easy to find, our full list of videos are on the Big Issue YouTube channel – you’ll find them all here. And our full range of detailed features on Financial Health are here.