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John Bird and Russell Brand

"This Revolution is about empowerment - like The Big Issue"

Andrew Burns

Russell Brand launches his book Revolution, and talks to media partner The Big Issue about making change, being misquoted - and John Lydon

Jillian Michaels

"We’re so focussed on making a living – not building a life"

Steven MacKenzie

Lifestyle guru Jillian Michaels on how to maximise your life – through keeping fit and achieving goals

"London has always been a city of sporting spectacle"

From jousting to the Olympics, London has long been a mecca for sport. But can this heritage survive budget cuts and a changing population?

Andrew Buchan

Andrew Buchan: "I am not one of those vile, jealous actors"

Adrian Lobb

Broadchurch star Andrew Buchan on season two of the hit series, breaking America - and why actors "are not gods"

Linda Tirado

"The poor don't have the time to worry about climate change"

Adam Forrest

Author Linda Tirado on why tackling the problems of capitalism via a 21-hour week wouldn't work for those on low wages

"I am always willing to listen to what celebrities have to contribute to the political world..."
"Exploring such buildings can inspire and enlighten. If admittance is charged, then untapped interests will remain forever untapped"
“I lost my job as a broker at a mortgage company. I was homeless three months later”
Vendors in Wales celebrate the life of Dylan Thomas on stage with Prince Charles, Ian McKellen, Jo Brand and other A-list stars
New Mogwai song 'Never Come Home' - a recording of a poem that won a competition launched in The Big Issue - is free to download
The first official Big Issue vendor pitch inside a UK railway station has been unveiled at Euston Station
On the eve of Social Saturday, Big Issue vendors ask MPs to support them as small business operators

Latest Reviews

Film reviews: If it bleeds, it leads

Edward Lawrenson

"Nightcrawler most impresses as a kind of horror flick about the terrifying state of journalistic ethics today"

TV reviews: Hold on… is that hedge in Cambridge?

Jane Graham

"What most shocked me about the set-related controversy was the news that everyone is loving Grantchester..."

James Turner

James Turner: Five comics every child should read

"One of the most important graphic novels of all time..." Beaver and Steve creator James Turner picks his must-read comics for kids

Books review: Take note!

Doug Johnstone

"Lists of Note is a deeply moving book, its facsimiles of lists - some truly astonishing - painting a panoramic mosaic of how we behave"