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The story behind the year’s most quoted figure – is it true?

Adam Forrest

'The world's richest 85 people own as much wealth as the bottom half of the global population.' What does this really mean?

I’m being denied the chance to move!

Tenant Juliet Innes is desperate to leave her dilapidated home but says that she is stuck...

Cathy Johnson

Locals help Big Issue vendor rebuild life after tragic fire

Andrew Burns

This is Cathy Johnson. Three weeks ago she told us all her incredible story. Then, the most remarkable series of things happened...

Robert McLiam Wilson

Robert McLiam Wilson: Why us autodidacts must rise and rise…

British state education is a joke, and the internet is giving knowledge a good kicking. But the autodidacts will save us...

Learn to spot a sparrowhawk

All over the country sparrowhawks slip unnoticed through our lives. Sighting one will send shivers down your spine...

“The ghosts come out when the economy falters. The extreme right and left rally when capitalism can’t deliver work and security”
“Those in Westminster are removed from realities arguing in abstracts that seem to have little bearing on our lives”
“I once played for the Welsh Homeless World Cup team - that was a great experience”
John White
Much-loved Big Issue vendor John White will have a lasting memorial at the Edinburgh pitch he spent eight years selling from
10 very important things you need to know about the new Big Issue. From Sherlock to Spot The Ball...
The Big Issue launches new partnership with to offer readers free step-by-step walking routes across Britain
Edinburgh vendors Susan, Fergie (pictured) and Stevie enter the art world to help develop No Fixed Abode exhibition on homelessness

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Album reviews: Foo speed ahead!

Malcolm Jack

"The best Foo Fighters' album in a decade, Sonic Highways is big and loud but laced with subtle geographic subtexts"

Allen Jones RA, Royal Academy of the Arts, London


"One of the leading exponents of Pop Art, Allen Jones' sculptures still have the power to please and appall in equal measures"

Bernard Ashley, copyright Norman Smith

Five books every child should read before they’re 11

"Well written and extravagantly illustrated. One to keep forever..." Bernard Ashley picks his must-reads for kids

Book reviews: Here’s some escapism…

Doug Johnstone

"Peter Carey uses Amnesia's intriguing set-up to shine a light on Australian history, including its relationship with America"