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David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg: My guide to how Hollywood works

Adam Forrest

Be arrogant, don't pull punches... and beware the Hollywood meeting. David Cronenberg on surviving the factory of dreams

Gary Kemp

Gary Kemp: “It is our biggest audience since Live Aid"

Adrian Lobb

On the eve of the Spandau Ballet documentary and Royal Albert Hall show, Gary Kemp talks youth tribes, drugs and "being the baddie"

Why I've joined the Scottish Greens

Malcolm Jack

What has been the Scottish public’s political engagement post-referendum? Malcolm Jack finds the Scottish Greens in good spirits

Focus E15 Mothers: Give the houses to people who need them

We are occupying decent homes to stop them being cleared for luxury housing, says Focus E15 Mothers

Samira Ahmed

Samira Ahmed: In California the tide is turning

Samira Ahmed

"America has an often contradictory environmental history; its ability to simultaneously celebrate and squander its natural resources"

"The well-intentioned can stand like stumbling blocks in the way of lifting people out of poverty"
"The Big Issue is part of the fabric of Britain, our vendors are key and valued parts of communities"
“Sleeping rough is no fun. Nothing really terrible has happened, but I've been kicked and shouted at a bit”
The first official Big Issue vendor pitch inside a UK railway station has been unveiled at Euston Station
On the eve of Social Saturday, Big Issue vendors ask MPs to support them as small business operators
Big Issue vendor Lee Barnes standing outside Sainsbury's, Southampton
We need you to help us build a great collection that will tell the nation how important Big Issue vendors are...
John White
Staff, customers and Edinburgh's Lord Provost pay tribute as 'exemplary vendor' John White passes away

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Rose Tremain

Rose Tremain: Five books to read before you die

"This is the greatest Australian novel ever written..." Author Rose Tremain picks her must-reads

Book reviews: Drop dead brilliant

Doug Johnstone

"The Drop is close to being the perfect modern-day noir tale, drenched in the bittersweet momentum of all classically fated stories"

Teh Internet is Serious Business, The Royal Court


"The play shows the petty venality of the hackers hiding behind their anonymity and creating mayhem 'for the lolz'"

French Polish

Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney is alienated by French broadcasters not getting giddy on Transfer Deadline Day