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John Wright: How to see hedges differently

Nature writer John Wright on why we should slow down to appreciate the marvellous eco-system that is a hedge

Mind over matter

As doctors increasingly turn to talking therapies to treat depression, Professor Chris Williams explains why it’s a DIY fix we can all try

Nick Heyward

Nick Heyward: Mixed Martial Arts is very spiritual

Singer-songwriter Nick Heyward on the serenity and animal instincts of Mixed Martial Arts

John Aubrey: The great historian that history forgot

He helped us remember Shakespeare and is the 'father of English archaeology' – so why don’t we know the story of John Aubrey?

NHS: Do we need a radical new approach?

Universal health care, free at the point of need, is a simple concept the NHS is built upon. What’s not so simple is how we achieve it...

"Poverty is a kind of death. It deadens and cheapens your being, and it should be dismantled ASAP"
"Brexit is important, but until it happens, let's remind ourselves of the realities of life - and its everyday heroes"
“I consider myself a wordsmith, and I’ll be at festivals this summer, trying to get my work out there"
Daisy Ridley
Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley talks about how fantasy films can help people come to terms with suffering in the real world
The new Psychoactive Substances Act will do "little to address the hidden, darker side to legal highs" said the YMCA
Over 60 teams from 51 countries are set to compete for 14th edition of the Homeless World Cup in Scotland
A team from homelessness charity Crisis "learn new skills and build confidence" in creating the PROTOHOME project from scratch

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Sweet Nothing: new works by Charming Baker - review


"Baker’s practice focuses on life and death; his works are executed with a dark, macabre yet humorous edge"

Book reviews: Home of the slave

Jane Graham

"With The Sellout, the hype is warranted. Paul Beatty has produced a dazzling, satirical masterpiece"

Nikki Sheehan: Five inspiring kids’ books

"She never gives up, even when dark magical forces take away her dreams..." Nikki Sheehan selects five inspiring kids’ books

Robin Ince

Robin Ince: I’m sorry, weren’t you tuned in?

Robin Ince

Big Issue radio critic Robin Ince on how he became obsessed with the 'delightful eccentricities' he found on the airwaves