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Pause... and learn how to appreciate chopping wood

Author Lars Mytting on why chopping wood is a way to unburden yourself - as well as reconnect with nature

Brian Clough with the European Cup

"This is how important football can be..."

Adrian Lobb

Jonny Owen, director of football documentary I Believe In Miracles, celebrates a team that gave hope to a city

What happens when robots take our jobs?

Adam Forrest

"Up to 35 per cent of all workers in the UK are at risk of being displaced by digital tech over the next 20 years"

Welcome to The Jungle: Inside the Calais refugee camp

Edward Jonkler went into 'The Jungle' at Calais to document the reasons people are risking their lives to come to Britain

Peter Andre

Peter Andre: "I rebelled against my religious upbringing"

Jane Graham

Britain's favourite hip-swiveller Peter Andre reflects upon learning to live with anxiety, Strictly and how fatherhood changed him...

"The Big Issue brings people in need to the marketplace to work and earn, like most people have to do"
"As time moves and people search for answers and ways ahead, words will be the driver"
“I feel like I’m building a normal life – at long last”
Big Issue vendor Ralph Church, 54, says thanks to everyone who rallied round him after his dog died tragically
"We want to be a positive part in the German community," explains refugee Alex Assali who fled Syria eight years ago
You can buy your Christmas cards - and lots of other goodies - from the The Big Issue's social trading shop
Big Issue vendor Jack Richardson is to marry the woman he met whilst selling The Big Issue, after they "fell head over heels in love"

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Film reviews: In from the cold

Edward Lawrenson

Steven Spielberg finds his form again with gripping and complex 1950s spy thriller Bridge of Spies

Isis don’t care if you buy that new iPad mini

Sam Delaney

"Lazy consumerists have used the Paris attacks to somehow present their semi-sedated lifestyles as acts of Churchillian bravery"

Album reviews: Kurt Cobain uncut

Malcolm Jack

"Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings is raggedly revealing of the complex, lonely soul that was Kurt Cobain"

Mr Robot left me hacked off so Red Oaks gets Prime position

"Forget Mr Robot. Amazon’s less well publicised Red Oaks is hilarious, with a John Hughes-esque warmth"