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Robert McLiam Wilson

We must face the truth over why people are drawn to violence

Robert McLiam Wilson

"I charged full-pelt and aimed a wild swipe at him with a short stick - I had never known a frisson quite like it"

Gillian Anderson

'The gender pay gap is still a very big problem'

Steven MacKenzie

Gillian Anderson on The X-Files return, wage inequality in Hollywood - and her mixed feelings about appearing on Top Gear

Planet Earth - as seen from Navid Baraty's kitchen

Photographer Navid Baraty on how his 'culinary cosmos' has convinced people they are seeing pictures from deep space

Aidan Turner: "I don't think I'm dashing"

Steven MacKenzie

Poldark star Aidan Turner talks hairy hobbits, tin mining in Cornwall and why he is not the next Darcy

Alan Fletcher

Parties, comebacks and the secret of Neighbours' success

Steven MacKenzie

Alan Fletcher aka Ramsay Street’s Dr Karl Kennedy on Neighbours’ 30th anniversary episode… the deceased will rise!

"Churchill had his appeasers to the Nazis. We have our appeasers before climate change"
"At any age we should be susceptible to unfiltered delight or deep gloom. It’s honest"
“I love seeing the Tower of London every day. It cheers me up”
The Glasgow club will feed 500 of the city's homeless and poorest 100 years after the death of its founding father, Brother Walfrid
The Bishop of Rochester says that addressing the housing crisis will help to solve other social problems
Gillian Anderson
X-Files star Gillian Anderson comes out in support of Jeremy Clarkson - but has mixed emotions about her appearance on Top Gear
Ralph Church saved more than £1000 from selling The Big Issue to buy a home on the water for him and his dog Jess

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Sam Delaney: A Clarkson witch hunt only encourages him

Sam Delaney

"No wonder Jeremy Clarkson is so keen for the attention. Starve him of it and he might just stop"

Film reviews: Fallen angels

Edward Lawrenson

"The Face of an Angel is a provocative exploration of the media circus in a Meredith Kercher-type murder case"

Album reviews: Hats off to James Bay? Not quite

Malcolm Jack

"By the end of James Bay's Chaos and the Calm, everything has blended together into a custard-y coloured aural mush"

Roy Jacobsen: Five history-defining books about Stalingrad

"The most shocking and breathtaking work on the topic..." Roy Jacobsen picks the essential books about Stalingrad