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Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney: Love, masturbation and comedy with guts

US comedian Rob Delaney on making Catastrophe, moving to London - and what his pregnant wife is thinking about

Kristian Kiehling

My Peccadillo: Kristian Kiehling talks horseback archery

In this week's My Peccadillo, Kristian Kiehling – alias EastEnders' Aleks Shirovs – reveals his love of horseback archery

Hidden Britain: Peter Labilliere memorial, Box Hill, Surrey

The Big Issue is seeking out the hidden gems of Britain, brought to you every week in association with

Is the game rigged against rent control?

Adam Forrest

There are many benefits to rent control, and it's a popular idea. But free market economics are standing in the way...

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander: "We've been fighting to tell this story..."

Steven MacKenzie

Rising star Alicia Vikander will be on screen a lot this year. "I hope it won't be too much," she tells The Big Issue

"Apple and its imitators have snuck up and stolen much of our children’s energy, enthusiasm and creativity"
"Blunt won on points but Bryant had a point. We need to make schools real places of opportunity”"
"I’m really interested in archaeology. Going to Pompeii would be my dream holiday"
Mark Dempster
Former vendor turned Harley Street therapist Mark Dempster says that addiction can be channelled into something positive
Mayor of London's office chooses Big Issue Invest, the social investment arm of The Big Issue, for £10m social housing project in London
Wayne Lee Busst (left) and Ian Watson-Gladwish
On the second anniversary of the killing of two Birmingham vendors, a fellow vendor remembers his friends
Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise have helped provide 100 new tabards and will support vendors in dental care

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Film reviews: I'm not sold...

Edward Lawrenson

"A Most Violent Year works hard to cultivate a mood of brooding seriousness, but the film is not credible or engaging"

The Hotel: Mark Jenkins is back!

"Mark Jenkins is one of TV’s most important idiots. He’s a winning loser, therefore perfect for our times"

Five Swedish classics to read before you die

"The best book ever about paranoia..." Author Carl-Johan Vallgren picks his essential reads from Swedish literature

Book reviews: Room with a view…

Jane Graham

"A clever psychological thriller, The Room creates an intense mood that remains unbroken throughout"