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Pause... and learn how to hear what you taste

Oxford professor Charles Spence serves up a theory on why all the senses play a role in what we taste

Sarah Solemani

Sarah Solemani: Mentoring can make a big difference

Sarah Solemani, starring in The Five, on why mentoring can get you through the dark days

George Galloway

"London has become a city run by the rich, for the rich"

George Galloway, the Respect Party candidate for London Mayor, on his plans to tackle inequality in the capital

Mark Hamill and Dave Davies

How The Kinks feel the Force!

Mark Hamill interviews The Kinks' Dave Davies! Songwriting, sex-ploits, Star Wars mysticism... it's all here

"I hope we've hit some emotional truths"

Adrian Lobb

Screenwriter Peter Bowker on why The A Word – about a five-year-old boy with autism – 'celebrates diversity and difference'

"Cakes and tea are all well and good. But we have to hold the government, the business community, and the ‘deciders’ to account"
"That small get-together, inviting Big Issue vendors into Parliament, is a key political act"
“Selling The Big Issue has been a big stabilising influence on my life”
Following The Big Issue interview between Mark Hamill and Ray Davies, the two cultural icons will be meeting again - and you can be there!
London mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith slug it out over housing, homelessness and each other's campaigns
Steven Oltay before and after training with The Running Charity
With help from The Running Charity, Steven Oltay has gone from a life on the streets to this weekend's London Marathon
Business Rocks' 'Hackathon' competition explores new ways to tackle homelessness

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TV: Extreme drama to sink your teeth into

Sam Delaney

"Blue Eyes will not have the same impact in Britain as Sweden. Modern-day fascists in jeans and trainers are all too real and scary..."

Joe Abercrombie: Five fantasy books ripe for adaptation

"Quickfire dialogue and snaking plot twists abound..." Joe Abercrombie selects five fantasy books ripe for screen adaptation

Book reviews: Through the keyhole

Jane Graham

"It’s not The Ice Storm, but Hotels of North America is the best novel Rick Moody has written for years"

Dave Solomons: Five heroes in children’s books

"He's drawn into a planet-hopping adventure that threatens all of mankind..." Dave Solomons selects his heroes in children’s books