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Tony Pulis

Could you be a football manager?

What would happen if a fan really did become a football manager? James McMahon takes his best shot…

Jamie Blackley

"Kissing Chloë Moretz? She was very laid-back..."

Steven MacKenzie

If I Stay star Jamie Blackley on the best day of his life, awkward acting scenes - and being in the next Woody Allen film

Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day: "Bra-burning is ridiculous"

Top-selling Crossfire writer Sylvia Day talks fantasy, chivalry, and men with sexual parasomnia...

Ellie Simmonds

"I didn't race David Walliams. He wouldn't have a chance"

Steven MacKenzie

Gold-medal winner Ellie Simmonds on her race routine, the Paralympics legacy - and the Great British Bake Off

Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman: "I never thought I'd have depression"

Jane Graham

Alison Steadman, 68, on stage fright, her first boyfriend, and the 'dark days' of her latter years

"Take part in Social Saturday, see where the future could take us if we stop buying from - and making - billionaires"
"Three fights, one month, a future unwritten. These are interesting times..."
“I spent 10 years on the streets and lost my way completely. Then I decided to give God another go”
Sarah Hadland
Sarah Hadland on the social impact of hit series Miranda - and why the show has been such a success
Still Game
The Big Issue caught up with Still Game creators Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill ahead of the 21 night sold-out juggernaut live return
Will Mellor
In The Club star Will Mellor on how his TV and pop star fame turned him into a 'knobhead', and becoming a 'pawn' in the music business
Big Issue vendor Lee Barnes standing outside Sainsbury's, Southampton
We need you to help us build a great collection that will tell the nation how important Big Issue vendors are...

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Film reviews: Pay attention! Genius at work

Edward Lawrenson

"Filmed with a high-risk, invigoratingly fresh approach, At Berkeley is a magisterial account of the Californian university"

Tim Pigott-Smith in King Charles III

King Charles III, Wyndham’s Theatre


"King Charles III is a triumph, playing on both the dangers of complacency and the equal and opposite danger of getting what you want"

Robert Young

Album reviews: Planting ideas

Malcolm Jack

"Robert Plant’s enduring appeal lies in his keen instinct for whom to work with - and this is an album of subtle triumphs"

Jasper Gibson

Jasper Gibson: Five books you'd be a fool not to read

"One of the greatest books of the 20th century..." Founder of The Poke website Jasper Gibson selects his essential reads