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Jimmy Osmond

"Losing all our money was the best thing to ever happen"

Jimmy Osmond on being threatened with kidnap, his friendship with Michael Jackson - and why he doesn't respect Justin Bieber

'Motherhood knocks almost 20 per cent off earning potential'

Young, pregnant and being discriminated against? Help is here, says Fiona Chow, Pregnant Then Screwed campaigner

Electric dreams

Steven MacKenzie

Zoe Grace struggled with addiction and homelessness but is using art to spread positive messages and show that everything is possible

Ed Skrein: Deadpool's very British villain

Steven MacKenzie

Rapper turned actor Ed Skrein says Deadpool shows comic book films are cooler than ever

Morgan Freeman in Along Came A Spider

Author Leye Adenle: 'How I found black heroes in crime'

Blockbusting megastar Morgan Freeman inspired Nigerian writer Leye Adenle to succeed in a genre he loves

"The Big Issue will always be there for the desperate and the needy – whatever governments throw at us"
"If exiting the EU genuinely is for the greater good, let us see the greater number benefit"
“I’ve taught in Myanmar, Saudi Arabia… I’ve lived and worked in many countries”
Mark Hamill talks to Ray Davies at Hornsey Town Hall
Mark Hamill and Kinks legend Ray Davies take to the stage for 'Musical Conversation' - but was there a Star Wars spoiler?!
Who’s starring at Glastonbury Festival this weekend? Adele, Muse, Coldplay – and The Big Issue!
First look at the film about Big Issue vendor turned bestselling author James Bowen whose life was transformed after meeting a stray cat
Homelessness theatre group Cardboard Citizens stage Ken Loach's seminal 1966 drama Cathy Come Home

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Mumford & Sons

Album reviews: The Gentlemen stop off in Africa

Malcolm Jack

"With Johannesburg, Mumford & Sons attempt a more thoughtful and immersive interest in the South African music scene"

Timothy West as King Lear at the Bristol Old Vic

King Lear, Bristol Old Vic

Julian Owen

"Nervy beginning apart, Timothy West’s King Lear is quietly magnificent, leaving the audience spellbound"

Found, The Foundling Museum, London

"Found is an enchanting treasure hunt, the exhibition bringing The Foundling Museum into the modern world"


Classical music: A voyage into the past

David Fay

"Composed for the viol consort Fretwork, The World Encompassed charts Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe"