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Every Copy Counts this Christmas

Support our vendors

We are living in a time of extreme need and crisis, and unfortunately our vendors are at the sharp end of this.

High streets are quieter than ever while people continue to work from home and with rent, energy and food prices the highest they’ve been in 40 years, vendors need our support now more than they ever have before. Every copy of the Big Issue Magazine bought is £2 earned.

So, give our vendors a fighting chance this Christmas by offering your support.


Hear from some of our hardworking vendors

“My message to all our faithful customers in the run up to Christmas is that we know things are hard at the moment with the cost of living crisis, but we hope that you can pick up our bumper Christmas editions and support your local vendors who are working hard to earn a living through this crisis.”

Jon Gregg, Muswell Hill, London

Simone Gill

“The rising costs are terrible, I spend so much more on shopping nowadays. I have to work more hours and so I really do need to make that time count.”

Simone Gill, New George Street, Plymouth

“With Christmas coming up, we have all had a hard few years, with the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis. It would be great if people could support us and give a little back. Because when you give a little bit out, you get a massive big bit back.”

Frank Thomas McGucken, Sloane Square, London