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Big Issue vendor Alina Baboi

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Many of our readers use the Big Issue as a vital resource. From exposing scandals and ill-treatment of the vulnerable, to guides on financial support and changes to benefits, it’s all there in the Big Issue.

You’ll also be supporting a vital cause. Our subscriptions for institutions are managed by one of our vendors, meaning they’re employed to handle the postage and packing of each copy that is sent out. Providing a regular income and a chance to be part of a team in an office environment can be invaluable to someone who would normally be out selling on the streets.

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As a social enterprise, our profits are reinvested back into our fight to dismantle poverty.

Hear from our Vendors

I don’t know if I found The Big Issue or they found me. But there has been no looking back. They found me a flat and I loved selling the magazine. I’m very, very proud to sell The Big Issue. I had lost contact with my children when I was on the streets. Now I see my adult children – one’s 41 and the other is 37 – constantly and I love them dearly. There’s a good chance without The Big Issue I wouldn’t have got back in touch with them. I would have just got more and more in the gutter. 

Bridgette Sibley, Big Issue vendor, Portsmouth

Bridgette Sibley
Vendor Bradley Counsell

I’ve just been given a new card reader by The Big Issue. That helps because everyone doesn’t bring cash with them any more. They’ll say I’ve only got card and now I’ve got a card reader and it’s made things five times quicker. I stick my card reader on view next to my magazines so people can swipe it and off they go. 

Bradley Counsell, Big Issue vendor, Bristol

Meet our vendors

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Steven Paterson, Playfair Steps, The Mound, Edinburgh

Steven Paterson, Playfair Steps, The Mound, Edinburgh

Rahela Pecican, M&S, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff

Rahela Pecican, M&S, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff

Sean Cullen, Green Park Station, Bath

Sean Cullen, Green Park Station, Bath

Ian, Morrisons, Wetherby
Big Issue seller Ian, pictured on his pitch in Wetherby

Ian, Morrisons, Wetherby