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Laura Kelly
Digital Producer
Laura Kelly joined The Big Issue as Digital Producer in 2020. She is a journalist, columnist and podcaster with a longstanding passion for The Big Issue's social mission. Laura has long been a regular contributor and is a former Arts and Features Editor for The Big Issue. As the Editorial Manager for the International Network of Street Papers she built strong links with the global campaign to end homelessness. She has also written for The Herald, Sunday Herald and The Skinny, and has appeared on BBC Northern Ireland as a commentator on political and cultural issues. In 2019, she was named Columnist of the Year at the Words by Women Awards for her work in Holyrood Magazine. As the manager of the Professional Publishers Association Scotland, she launched the world’s first week-long festival dedicated to magazines – the Edinburgh International Magazine Festival. She was born and brought up in Belfast, and is now based in Glasgow. She is passionate about social justice, feminism, music and magazines.

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