Donating in Memory to The Big Issue Foundation

Giving in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to pay tribute to their life.

Donating in memory are a wonderful way to celebrate a life while supporting The Big Issue Foundation in making a difference to the lives of future generations. We work to give those who are homeless an opportunity to make a better life for themselves – giving them a hand up, not a hand out.

How to remember your loved ones

Set up a tribute

With an online tribute fund you can create a dedicated page for friends and family to remember a loved one. On this page, you can share photos, music, and memories you have of them, while raising money for us.

You can set up a personalised tribute fund quickly and easily using MuchLoved or Just Giving.

Make a donation

Our online donation form is simple to fill in, and you can tell us the name of the person you’re remembering and their relationship to you.

If you’d prefer to donate by post, download this form, print it out and, when it’s filled in, send it to:

The Big Issue Foundation
113-115 Fonthill Road
N4 3HH

Organise a funeral collection

If you’d like to set up a funeral collection, you can ask your funeral director to collect donations and send them to us via post.

Make sure you follow official Government guidelines on arranging and attending a funeral.

Send an e-card

Let a loved one know you are thinking of them by sending condolences using a Big Issue Foundation e-card. At the same time, you’ll be helping us reach Big Issue vendors facing homelessness or experiencing housing issues.

The difference your donation could make

  • £10 could pay for an hour with a front-line worker supporting vendors suffering from isolation, anxiety and loneliest.
  • £50 could pay for a shopping voucher so a Big Issue vendor can feed themselves and their family.
  • £150 could pay for 10 training course sessions (e.g. Employability Programme) to train a Big Issue vendor for life.

We’re grateful that you’ve thought of us during this time.

Because of your generosity, we can continue to help end poverty, homelessness and exclusion for Big Issue vendors across the UK, thank you!

Remembering Frankie

Francesca Gallant 1958-2012

It is often said that you never really appreciate something until it is no longer there, how true that is and has recently been brought into sharp focus with the passing of my sister Francesca, on the 24th of August this year at the very young age of 53. We the family remain in a state of denial and find it so difficult to accept we will never see Frankie again, hear her voice or her infectious giggle.

When Frankie was first diagnosed with cancer in March 2011, she did not wallow in self-pity but set about researching the subject in as many ways she could, Frankie was an avid reader and bought many specialised books on the subject, she also trawled the internet for any information and therapies that could help her. Sadly all her efforts were in vain.  Prior to undergoing radio and Chemotherapy, she decided to take part in the Big Issue Night Walk as a personal challenge but also to help others by the money she raised. This was typical of Frankie, she was always concerned about the wellbeing of others, often putting their needs before hers.

Frankie was extremely intelligent and very caring, in going through some of her personal correspondence of which many were associated with charities that she subscribed to ranging from hospices, cancer research, guide dogs, gorillas, horse charities and the Big issue. Frankie was a single parent and was plagued with money problems and yet still wanted to contribute to these charities. It is indeed humbling to read these letters, knowing how difficult it was for her to make these contributions.

Frankie was a lover of nature and everything connected with it she loved her little garden and spent many happy hours in it tending her plants and making everything look just right.

During Frankie’s professional life she held down some pretty high powered jobs as a computer analyst and programmer, she was also a PA to the Chief executive of Barnet Council but this was not where her heart was and given the opportunity she would have made an excellent vet.

I well remember late night phone calls from Frankie which could last for hours, she was always an owl, never a lark, she would want to discuss the news of the day and put the world to right and although these calls were not always welcomed, I did my best to give her my time as I knew it was important to her. What I would give to receive a call from her now.

Frankie leaves her only child Isaac an exceptional young man who is destined to achieve great things in his mother’s memory and will make us all proud of him.

It is fitting that the North London Hospice and the Big Issue benefited from the money collected in Frankie’s memory. I recall interviewing her for a radio programme following her completion of the Big Issue night walk, she made a point of saying that even if you don’t buy a copy of the magazine every week, always stop and speak to the vendor and don’t blank them as so many people do. This comment is an illustration and typical of the caring person Frankie was, we will miss her so much.

Frankie will continue to live in our hearts forever and the world is a poorer place for her passing.

On behalf of Steve, Isaac, Wendy and Claire.

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