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Big Christmas Wish

Big Christmas Wish
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Winter used to be the season where Big Issue vendors thrived, but with the death of the high-street and the rise in online shopping they’re now struggling to get by more than ever before.

Every time you buy a copy of The Big Issue, subscribe or support, you are helping our vendors to work their way out of poverty by providing ‘a hand up not a hand out.’

You’re helping Big Issue vendors achieve their #BigWish

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We all have Christmas wishes and our vendors are no exception. Whether it’s saving up for a train ticket home, aspiring to sell their artwork or simply selling more magazines, every single Big Issue vendor has a #BigWish that means something to them.

Help us to be there for Big Issue vendors this Christmas

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Big Issue vendors are working hard to make their Christmas wishes come true. Every time you buy a Big Issue magazine, you’re directly supporting a vendor to work their way out of poverty. You’re helping Big Issue vendors achieve their #BigWish. Vendors buy the magazine for £1.50 and sell it for £3, keeping the profit. If you’re unable to visit your local vendor, then you can subscribe (or buy a gift subscription) via our vendor map. That vendor will receive 50% of the net profits.

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As a non-profit, every penny we make goes back into the organisation. With a subscription, not only are you buying an award-winning magazine, you’re also contributing to The Big Issue’s fight to dismantle poverty – from our frontline staff providing vendors with vital support, to campaigning for policy change on a national level… each subscription really does make a difference.

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