• Support our vendors this winter

Support our vendors this winter

We’ve teamed up with Jollie’s Socks to bring you a special offer that benefits our vendors as well as you.

Why subscribe?

A cost-of-living crisis is hitting the poorest members of society the hardest, and as we head into winter, it’s crucial that we provide all the assistance we can to our vendors. When you subscribe to Big Issue, all profits are reinvested into our Frontline teams, who work with vendors on a daily basis to give vendors the sales support they need in order to earn an income. And when you subscribe to this special offer, a vendor in your area receives a pair of winter socks and you’ll receive a pair of Jollie’s Socks (worth £12)

“I started selling the magazine because I didn’t have a job. I picked up this job because it was easier to fit around my life. I don’t have time for hobbies or anything like that. I just want to look after my family and treat them well. For that The Big Issue is much better for me.

I have a rented flat but prices are getting too high. Food is getting expensive, electricity is now getting very expensive, very high costs. The support is not that good but selling the magazine really helps me. It helps me to pay my rent and look after my family in a normal way.

It’s very cold selling the magazine in the winter outside. You feel freezing and you’re out from nine o’clock in the morning to five or six o’clock at night feeling cold and tired. But I try to keep going for my children and to keep my family going. When they grow up and they get older I’d like them to finish regular school and then find a job or something for them to have a better life.”