• Support our work to change lives

Support our work to change lives

Big Issue is working harder than ever to provide those most vulnerable with the tools for survival. Our Frontline team are out every day supporting vendors to earn an income from magazine sales and providing access to vital services in areas such as food, fuel, mental health and housing.

Contributing £20 a month supports our frontline teams work with vendors. Help us provide the tools and resources to enable people in poverty to earn, learn and thrive.


£10 a month could support vendors needing personal ID, vital so they can access housing, bank accounts, and employment opportunities.

£20 a month could fund an hour of one-to-one support to access specialist services in housing, benefits, wellbeing and work. Person-centred information and guidance that will address basic needs, such as food, fuel, housing as well as providing training and employment opportunities to improve lives long term.

£30 a month will help us to offer Sales coaching to 5 vendors, improving their confidence and increasing their income.

£80 a month could pay for a refurbished laptop removing the barrier to digital inclusion so that a person can access online education courses and other digital services.

Meet some of our vendors

The Big Issue has helped me get clothes and helped me get rehoused since I got back to Bournemouth after leaving Newquay. I’m thankful.

Giovanni Casadio
Giovanni Casadio

The reason I do The Big Issue is because I want to be able to afford to run my life normally… I was diagnosed with a mental health problem about 25 years ago. Depression, anxiety and stuff like that. It’s not just the money really, it’s like a self-employed thing.

Martin Wheeler

The Big Issue is like a miracle for me as an older woman with no skills or professional confidence.

Anabel Jamie McFadyen Glasgow My Pitch 1399

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