A-HA – it’s Alan Partridge!

Issue 1592

A-HA – it’s Alan Partridge!

For our second bumper Christmas special, what could be more seasonal than a Partridge in a pear tree?

Yes, this week Britain’s most beloved broadcaster (at least that’s how he’d see himself) is delivering a Letter To My Younger Self exclusively in The Big Issue, reflecting on a life which has brought him professional success, but on a personal level has been a bit of mixed bag.

Also inside

  • Our continuing investigation into the thousands of people being granted asylum in the UK only to be made homeless
  • How Tish Murtha’s portraits of deprivation in the north of England sadly still ring true
  • It turns out Christ was actually born Before Christ, according to esteemed The Rest is History podcasting historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook
  • Rugby great Gareth Thomas tells us how he’s tackling stigma surrounding HIV
  • We take a look at Ridley Scott’s latest complex film about Napoleon
  • And rediscover the man behind Bradley Cooper’s Maestro
  • How you could benefit from getting to know a sheep
  • Plus Bath vendor Feral says selling the magazine “gets him up on his feet” and his customers provide “a good support network”

As well as lots more!

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