A taste of Christmas soul with Jon Bon Jovi

Issue 1437

A taste of Christmas soul with Jon Bon Jovi

Kicking off our bumper 2020 festive editions, the rock legend Jon Bon Jovi looks back at how he followed the American Dream in a Letter To My Younger Self. Recently out campaigning with Biden, we also take a look at how Bon Jovi is tackling the big issues in his own community, visiting the JBJ Soul Kitchen that helps marginalised people in New Jersey who are living on not much more than a prayer.

Big Issue fashion shoot

Our vendors became models after we teamed up with leading fashion brand Belstaff. They’ve donated hundreds of jackets to vendors, and a percentage of proceeds to the Big Issue Foundation, so we asked Carlos Gonzalez Perez, a vendor and talented photographer, to capture a few of his colleagues striking a pose.

Brief (Covid) Encounter

Seventy-five years after the ultimate doomed romance film was released, we look at how the story would look in the age of coronavirus.

Also inside

  • We welcome the latest Big Issue Brand Ambassador, Sophie Winkleman
  • Arthur Mathews is behind some of the best sitcoms of recent years. He gives his take on Dominic Cummings shuffling back into the shadows
  • London vendor Anthony gives us his top art tips – you can also see some of his work on the Street Art page
  • The first graphic novel about homelessness by people who have experienced it has been released. We talk to one of the authors
  • And we find out in Fact/Fiction – can mouthwash really cure Covid? (no)

Plus so much more!

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