A World Book Day like no other

Issue 1450

A World Book Day like no other

World Book Day

The annual focus on the power of books and encouraging children to read, World Book Day 2021 comes after a year of interrupted education.

Jonathan Douglas, Chief Executive of the National Literary Trust outlines the urgent challenge facing children and explains what has to be done to make sure no child is left behind.

And three of the World Book Day authors Jess French, Zanib Mian and Sita Brahmachari, tell us more about how books can empower children and will start a new, more hopeful chapter in our lives.

Big Issue TV

Switch on to The Big Issue’s new streaming service, as we handpick the best documentaries on the most vital issues – we pick five films not to miss!

Dame Kelly Holmes

The double Olympic champion races through the highs and lows of her life in a startling Letter To My Younger Self.

Also inside…

  • With Careers Week coming soon, our RORA pages provide a step-by-step guide to make any leap into a new job less unknown
  • John Bird celebrates the BBC, writing that when it’s on its game it’s an unmatched resource
  • Trade expert David Henig says it’s time to rethink work values in post-Brexit Britain
  • Sylvester McCoy tells us about his lockdown life split between France and London
  • Fact/Fiction finds out whether vaping makes you more likely to spread Covid
  • Durham vendor Steve Dixon may be off his pitch but it’s his regulars he’s worried about
  • And Will Adams gives his expert opinion on Live Action Role Play…

Plus much more!

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