Adapt and evolve

Issue 1403


The last time David Attenborough appeared in The Big Issue was in the run-up to Christmas 2016 (I think). Since then he’s become even more of a global icon as the world wakes up to what he’s been telling us forever – we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone, and things change unpredictably quickly. For years we’ve been trying to get another interview with him so we can put the friendliest, most trusted and best-loved face in the world on the cover. Finally, at very short notice, he found time for The Big Issue in his schedule earlier this month. And so here he is at a critical time as we go into unchartered territory. Hopefully customers old and new will agree that there’s nobody better to lead the way.

Also inside…

  • Noel Clarke is this week’s Letter To My Younger Self
  • More good people are doing more good things than ever before so we spread the word
  • Nick Cave shares his secret journal with us
  • How do you deal with addiction and attend AA meetings when you’re social distancing?
  • At least our vendor Robin has his trainset to keep him occupied
  • Vicky McClure gives us her self-isolation toolkit
  • And speaking of national treasures, we also have… Mr Motivator!