Anarchy in the EU

Issue 1053

Anarchy in the EU

Is the EU now a doomed experiment or a necessary machine? Nigel Farage, MEPs, and technocrats in Brussels talk Europe to The Big Issue

Also in this week’s Big Issue…

In Letter to My Younger Self, British comedy star Rebecca Front talks Armando Iannucci, The Thick of It and cognitive therapy

Neil Gaiman, the author with a rock star following, on the emergence of Scientology in Britain, and his family’s connection to it

Big Issue founder John Bird sends a dispatch from Taiwan, where he has picked up an award for two tireless decades of Big Issue work

Samira Ahmed on the mafia, big business and warning shots from the past

Plus… Jane Graham on The Great Gatsby movie, the dirty war between France and America to beat AIDs, the week’s cultural highlights in your area, Street Lights, competitions, and much more!

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