ISSUE 1362

Andrew Scott: From Fleabag’s hot priest to Black Mirror razzmatazz

Andrew Scott’s turn as Fleabag‘s ‘Sexy Priest’ had impact in the UK in a big way, not least sending sales of Marks & Spencer cans of gin and tonic soaring by 25 per cent. But if Sherlock took Scott to a mass audience, his Hamlet won huge plaudits, Fleabag took him further into our hearts and a new role in Black Mirror will widen his global impact, where does Scott go from here?

Also in this week’s issue:

  • It has been voted the greatest British film of all time and this month celebrates 50 years since its first screening. But for Troy Kennedy Martin –  the man credited as the writer of The Italian Job – the comedy caper about a plot to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a traffic jam was far from ‘bella’ and certainly nothing to be proud about
  • Fans know Gloria Estefan for her vocal chops and Latin pop legacy. But it could all have been so different – she told The Big Issue she almost went to study diplomacy in France, such was her family’s belief in education
  • Big Issue founder Lord John Bird explains why his new literary paper, Chapter Catcher, can get the nation reading deeper and wider
  • Liam Geraghty asks if a radical new approach to council tax can save us from devastating cuts
  • And we hear from Big Issue vendor James Heaton, 43, who says selling the magazine has helped put his life back together

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