• Another fine mess!!! Exclusive Ralph Steadman cover design

Another fine mess!!! Exclusive Ralph Steadman cover design

Issue 1105

Another fine mess!!! Exclusive Ralph Steadman cover design

Ralph Steadman is a cross-generational heavyweight establishment-rattler. Given the seismic shifts in British politics of recent weeks, we thought it’d be quite something to get his take on it all. We asked him if he’d like to design The Big Issue cover and we’re delighted he accepted the invitation. We talk to him too about where politics is now, his high times with Hunter S Thompson and about his pal Johnny Depp. Depp loves him so much he’s made a film about him. By the way, you can own this Steadman artwork. Yes you can. All you need to do to be in with a shot is buy the mag, take a selfie holding it, and tweet the pic. Simple.

And more…

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with the legendary Malcolm McDowell. He is very open about his alcoholism, why he’s delighted to have young kids again, and has some tough advice for aspiring actors…

John Bird celebrates those who continue to support The Big Issue. A piece that affirms the better side of human nature.

Steven Seagal is a pal of Putin. He thinks he’s maligned and misundersood. Could Seagal be a vehicle for hand-across-the-barricades peace? Steven MacKenzie rang him up to ask him. Such is the result of that interview, that we’ve run the transcript. Get ready to read him, amongst other things, call out Liam Neeson. He’s NOT a real action hero, fumes Seagal.

David Coburn became Scotland’s first ever UKIP MEP on Monday. We asked him to detail his week for the much sought Big issue My Week slot. His UKIPPERY has much to with a teenage coin collection and decimalisation. Good golly.

Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is James Muirhead, working in Middlesborough. He became homeless after he left the army – he had been in for five years. The Big Issue, he says, has helped through the tough times.

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