Around the world today

Issue 1526

Around the world today

Michael Palin

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Phileas Foog’s journey around the world in 80 days. Jules Verne’s story was fictional but not fanciful – as Michael Palin proved in his landmark TV show. He reflects on how travelling the world changed the world.

The future of transport

In a special supplement, we look at how the pandemic, environmental issues and changing habits are changing our lives and how we move around. We ride the UK’s worst bus system, visit the city that did away with cars and launch a new partnership with Citroën to transform the Big Issues fleet of vans into electric vehicles.

Kites and Afghanistan

One year after the Taliban seized control of his country, Afghan migrant Sanjar Qiam is bringing his love of kites to the UK in a festival that represents an aerial act of solidarity with his people

And Lewisham vendor Terry talks about how tricky it’s been to sell magazines in the extreme heat recently.

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