Babooshka! Kate’s back

Issue 1116

Babooshka! Kate’s back

In this issue…Tickets for Kate Bush’s long awaited live return went in a nanosecond. Ahead of this much anticipated to-do we hear from, amongst others, Gered Mankowitz, the celebrated snapper who caught her at Wuthering Heights; Mark Radcliffe, the journalist she talks to most; Jo Brand, a superfan; Sarah Hadland, the actress who introduced a new generation to Bush through a Horrible Histories routine; and the great poet Paul Muldoon, on her writing. A piece to savour.

Also inside…

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with veteran actor Denis Lawson. He was a sensitive sort, he says, who took a while to get used to the rejection that comes with acting.

John Bird considers the media and the part it plays in preventing governments getting to a point of resolution in their policy towards the poor and those on benefits.

Meanwhile, Samira Ahmed, looks towards a 21st century Enlightenment and the problems of dogmatic belief that lead to extremism.

For 10 years Angela Levin has been on the independent monitoring board at Wormwood Scrubs. It’s provided her with a unique insight in the problems that are swamping prisons. She has some simple, common sense ideas for reform.

Adam Forrest goes raking through bins at the Science Museum to see what rubbish says about us all.

Sam Delaney writes from his sickbed. He evokes 17th century French philosophy (naturally) and looks at online mourning as he pays tribute to Robin Williams.

Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is Jack Richardson, who works in Bristol. He’s a fascinating chap who describes himself as a full-on nerd (it’s Dungeons and Dragons related). He’s currently completing a degree in sociology and psychology.