Bernie Sanders

Issue 1549

Bernie Sanders

In defence of democracy

In the face of “corrupt” political institutions and rising inequality, ordinary people across the planet are losing faith in democracy. That’s the warning United States senator Bernie Sanders gives us in an exclusive interview in this week’s Big Issue. Speaking to Orwell Prize-winning Scottish writer and social commentator Darren McGarvey, Sanders attacked the growing divide between rich and poor, explains how to get organised, but remains optimistic, urging us to keep fighting: “It’s not easy, but we got to keep our eyes on the prize. Gotta know where we want to go if we’re gonna ever get there.” 

Also inside

  • One year on from the invasion of Ukraine, we speak to refugees who fled to the UK only to find themselves made homeless again
  • Celebrated Mark Rylance writes about his campaign to create a statue of Brian Haw as a monument to the power of peaceful protest
  • Travis Alabanza encourages us to follow our urges
  • Johnny Vaughan takes us UFO-hunting
  • Bournemouth vendor Rodney explains how he’s become a therapist for his customers as they stop for a chat

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