Big Love. The Incredible Legacy Of Roald Dahl

Issue 1017

Big Love. The Incredible Legacy Of Roald Dahl

On the 30th anniversary of the BFG, ex-children’s laureate Michael Rosen looks at the enduring appeal of the great Roald Dahl – plus, we go inside the shed where the magic happened..!

Also in this week’s Big Issue…After Oscar Pistorious stirred up controversy at the Paralympics, what are the big advancements in technical and genetic research to make bodies work better?

A new series of The Thick Of It. How do they make fiction more laughable than the reality?!

England cricket supremo Andy Flower on managing Kevin Pietersen

Rachel Johnson. In France. On a bike

Veteran primatologist Jane Goodall on breaking taboos in Letter to My Younger Self

Plus, John Bird considers reshuffles, Robert De Niro’s chef Allegra McEvedy, the week’s cultural highlights in your area, Street Lights, competitions, and much more!

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