Bob is back!

Issue 1387

Bob is back!

Bob is back! James tells us about how it’s been another rollercoaster year for Street Cat Bob that has ended with the filming of a new movie!

We also catch up with vendors across the country telling us how pets have played an important part in their lives – including Richard, the birdman of Exeter.

Election special! Politicians and parties may be more divided than ever but they have united to support our Future Generations Bill. We didn’t need to replace anyone with an ice sculpture because ALL major party leaders wrote a piece for next week’s magazine – Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas and Adam Price – about the importance of planning today for a better tomorrow.

Also inside…

  • This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is mammy’s boy Brendan O’Carroll. Mrs Brown’s Boys is always a festive favourite (unless you hate it) and the man under the makeup tells us about being the youngest of 11 children.
  • John Barrowman has released a Christmas album, oh yes, and he speaks of his wish to be reunited with the Krankies at Christmas.
  • This week’s My Pitch vendor is Darren in Cambridge, while US vendor Wendell walks us around Washington DC.
  • Plus: Does air pollution make you blind? Why are whales worth £1.5million each? AND we review charity-supporting Christmas sandwiches

Find your local vendor on the street or order a copy online! Every sale contributes to our mission of dismantling poverty by providing opportunity. 

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