Bob Marley and me

Issue 1602

Bob Marley and me

In May 1973, just a teenager, Dennis Morris skipped school because Bob Marley & The Wailers were in London. He was determined to get a photograph of his new musical hero. Not only did he do that, Morris was to help turn his hero into a legend. As a new biopic of Marley is released, we find out what it was like to witness first-hand his stratospheric rise to global superstar, with some of the most iconic images Dennis Morris shot.

Also inside

  • How the privatisation of care is turning vulnerable kids into “commodities”
  • New drama Breathtaking exposes how Covid ravaged the NHS
  • Street Soccer Scotland founder David Duke used his difficult background as motivation to offer hope through football
  • Director Michael Winterbottom’s new film Shoshana is set around Israel’s birth but carries echoes of current troubles
  • Cardiff vendor Ahmed shares his favourite bike routes he’s off exploring when not on his pitch

Plus much more!

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