• Bond Age: Back to the future (with extra Roger Moore)

Bond Age: Back to the future (with extra Roger Moore)

Issue 1176

Bond Age: Back to the future (with extra Roger Moore)

In this weeks issue…He’s the franchise that will not wither. Sexy, steely, deadly for some – just a throwback in a Savile Row suit for others. Is James Bond really still talking to a 21st century world? Producer Barbara Broccolli, Naomie Harris and Alan Partridge’s favourite Bond Sir Roger Moore shake it up.

“The Big Issue,” says Colin Farrell, “is amazing.” Which is both correct and incredibly kind of him to say. We thought we were going to talk about The Lobster, about his career peak performance (so far) in True Detective and the masterful In Bruges. He focuses on explaining why he believes this magazine makes a difference and why he cares deeply about supporting people who give homeless people a hand up. “There go I but for the grace of God,” he says.

It was a significant week for The Big Issue as it was announced our founder John Bird is to receive a peerage. It is terrific news, but John will not crow about it. In this edition he outlines what he plans to do in the Lords. His focus will be on providing a voice to the voiceless and helping prevent the poor of the next generation falling further into poverty. He will, he says, drive change from the inside out.

As the Suffragette movie continues to pick up plaudits, we ask has the gender war been won? Gender pay inequality still exists – but now it’s young men, not women, who are falling behind. We investigate why.

Our featured vendor Bryan Gallagher sells at St Enoch’s Station in Glasgow. He’s a big fan of Manga and loves Mark Millar’s creations. And he’s getting his health back in order after a very tough time. Good piece.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with actor Ben Miller. Food, Alexander Armstrong and food again have made him the man he is.

Also this week author Susan Casey details how dolphins helped her keep her head above water after the death of her father; Karl Pilkington insists he’s NOT an idiot, abroad or at home: “I’m of average intelligence!”; and Polly Devlin returns with a great column that weaves together Carl Jung, hitch-hiking and the Troubles. And there is, of course, Spot The Ball.