Brand identity

Issue 1506

Brand identity

Russell Brand

Freedom of speech fighter or radical and dangerous? In recent months, the comedian and actor has started commentating on the big issues of the day – or rather the big issues he says we’re not told about. Millions of people tune into his videos every day, but controversy is growing. In an exclusive interview he tells us about his values and why it’s good to converse with those you don’t agree with.

Derry Girls

As the hit comedy returns for its final series, its creator and writer Lisa McGee reflects on making such a joyous, life-affirming show amid the gloomy backdrop of The Troubles.


On Monday we’ll announce details of an exclusive gig supermassive rock titans Muse will play for The Big Issue in May…

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  • Evergreen pop idol Will Young says that he felt fame was always inevitable in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • How Big Issue vendors made it to the big screen on billboards around Westfield in London, where they’d point out the nearest pitches
  • We look back on 50 years of ‘ping-pong diplomacy’
  • Top Boy star Saffron Hocking talks about the responsibility she felt playing a woman caught in an abusive relationship
  • More restaurants will be required to list the calorie count of their meals from April, but it may not be the healthy step it seems
  • And Monica in Farnham sings the praises of her loyal customers

Plus much more!