Bukayo Saka

Issue 1580

Bukayo Saka

Arsenal and England star Bukayo Saka is rapidly becoming one of the best and most popular footballers on the planet. He tells The Big Issue about the work he’s doing off the pitch to help young people improve their own lives.

Also inside

  • One night in the back of a van through Manchester as we join a local charity helping people experiencing homelessness
  • A scheme to help care leavers who struggle to find a new home
  • The incredible story of the singing ex-vendor who has just recorded his first album
  • Shami Chakrabati writes about how the arts are crucial in the fight for social justice
  • BBC News analysis editor Ros Atkins on the art of explanation
  • And Christchurch vendor Mark recalls a decade spent working at a Victorian funfair

Plus much more!

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