Cate Blanchett

Issue 1606

Cate Blanchett

This week, Hollywood icon Cate Blanchett talks religious and political dogma, colonialism and white supremacy, misogyny and the perilous state of democracy with The Big Issue. In her latest film, The New Boy, she plays a conflicted nun in a story of colonialism and Christianity set in 1940s rural Australia, starring opposite young actor Aswan Reid, who features alongside her on this week’s cover.

Also inside

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  • How the police needs a total change of culture to restore public trust
  • Meet the residents in Tower Hamlets are battling back against horrific housing failures
  • Gareth Edwards becoming a rugby legend was easier than finding out who he really was, he says in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • And Bournemouth vendor Rahela shares her dream of becoming a support worker

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