Celebrating Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday

Issue 1462

Celebrating Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday

Bob Dylan at 80

Celebrating 80 years of Bob Dylan’s life ahead of the icon’s birthday on 24 May, we bring it all back home to the beginning, revisiting how he was discovered in the smoky clubs of Greenwich Village. And since everyone’s probably familiar with Like A Rolling Stone, we present the 80 best Dylan songs that typically don’t appear on ‘best of’ collections. As a special treat, here’s a Spotify playlist of them all!

Billie Piper

Why are we running a Letter To My Younger Self with Billie Piper? Because we want to! The accidental teen pop sensation has evolved into one of our best actors. Ahead of her directorial debut Rare Beasts, she tells us that she did a lot of living before her dream career came knocking.

Dementia Stories

Someone is diagnosed every three minutes in the UK with a disease that takes a toll on both patient and carer. The pandemic brought even more challenges. We hear how people have coped over this time as Dementia Action Week begins.

Also inside:

  • Help and inspiration is out there from Big Issue Jobs & Training for those looking for a fresh start
  • Fact/Fiction: Was Robin Hood’s silver arrowhead really found in Sherwood Forest?
  • John Bird asks why we’re still stuck in a Victorian mindset when it comes to work and money
  • We can’t even pretend Eurovision is about the songs anymore, but it’s still a whole lot of fun, says Malcolm Jack
  • With shops reopening we’ve been back binge-buying fast fashion, but is it time for a rethink?
  • Plus Robert in Glasgow tells us how rush hour has changed on his train station pitch

Plus much more!

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