Chris Hoy: ‘I had doubts the whole time’

Issue 1153

Chris Hoy: ‘I had doubts the whole time’

In this issue…A cracking, moving Letter to My Younger Self from Chris Hoy, Britain’s greatest Olympian and the nicest man in sport. It was not all coasting with feet off the pedals. Doubts about his ability stalked him. Great story about meeting his wife.

We catch up with Sgt Rick Clement, the man who featured on our dramatic, award shortlisted cover. He is in bold and righteous form.

As the tectonic plates shift around the election results, commentator Peter Geoghegan explains what went on in Scotland, what it means for everywhere else – and what might happen next.

We have a PAUSE piece that calls on us to appreciate the rain; we look at a campaign to make sure ALL school kids get a good meal and do not go hungry; and we look at Cornerstone, the a social enterprise who have secured Big Issue Invest’s biggest ever piece of investment – and what this might means for the future of social care.

Our featured vendor is John Gregg, in Muswell Hill, a former printer; John Bird is in reflective mood looking at books and publishing and the necessity of profit; Robert McLiam Wilson looks at why we all mourn strangers and why this must never cease.

There is much more, of course. Spot The Ball and the big issue boffin included.

The Big Issue

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