ISSUE 1182

A Christmas message from Street Cat Bob. You’re all part of the story

In this weeks issue…Bob’s back.

Last time we ran with a Street Cat Bob cover fans across the globe starting sending in photos of their cats posing with the magazine. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. Which lead us to this cover – Bob’s face made up of those fans’ pictures. It’s a great image, created by our genius Greek friend Charis Tsevis. Inside, there is a piece from James Bowen and Bob looking over their year and all that is to come. Spot Your Cat will be a parlour game by Monday’s end.

We also catch up with our vendor Jack Richardson. The star-crossed love story of him finding his future wife as he sold the magazine went global this week – from The Sun to Australian Women’s Weekly. He talks us through an incredible few days.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with singer Anastacia. She has had to overcome cancer, twice, and remains resolutely upbeat.

Our featured vendor in My Pitch this week is Chris McCormack, who sells at Maida Vale tube station. He tells a simple and moving story, and details his regular punter Hugh Grant.

This week John Bird urges us to look beyond the traditional image we carry of Charles Dickens. There is more than a whiff of hypocrisy from Dickens, he says.

How do you make a Hollywood star invisible? Make them homeless! As homelessness grows as a subject du jour on the big screen, we look at why they surge. Richard Gere and Peter Mullan and Paul Bettany join us.

Jessica Shankleman gets to the bottom of stories that warn we’re at peak power and are facing blackout at Christmas. The reality is better. And worse.

Also, take a look at the Pause column this week. Horatio Clare explains how to step outside and spot birdsong in winter.