• COP26: How much will it cost to save the planet?

COP26: How much will it cost to save the planet?

Issue 1485

COP26: How much will it cost to save the planet?

As world leaders get ready to gather in Glasgow, we take a look at COP26 – the best chance we have of preventing climate carnage…

How much will it cost to save the planet?

The amount is apparently around $50 trillion. It sounds like a big amount but we look into how it needs to be spent, how it compares to the cost of other calamities such as Covid, and find out it’s a pretty small price to pay. 

Vital young voices

Grace Maddrell, a 16-year-old campaigner, says we must listen to young activists from countries already on the frontline of the climate crisis

A day in the life 2050

What difference will sticking to emission targets make? We travel to the future to find out the best and worst-case scenarios…

The point of protest

In a rare interview with controversial campaigners Insulate Britain, they explain why the time for polite activism is over


Fixing environmental problems isn’t easy – but we look at the innovative people already making a positive difference

Also inside

  • Actor Mark Strong on the journey from Our Friends in the North to Hollywood
  • Finding the real Shane MacGowan meant roving down a different road
  • Why George Constanza is an unlikely post-lockdown hero
  • Canadian street paper vendor Peter Thompson recalls his childhood home devastated by wildfire
  • And a reminder that our Christmas Kids Cover Competition is now open!

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