• Cumberbatch – Inside the mind of Britain’s most wanted

Cumberbatch – Inside the mind of Britain’s most wanted

Issue 1084

Cumberbatch – Inside the mind of Britain’s most wanted

In this week’s Big Issue…


The return of Sherlock is a national talker. We kick off 2014 sitting down with its star Benedict Cumberbatch. He and Adrian Lobb discuss THAT return, Cumberbatch’s plans for world domination (polite) and what good a much desired do-gooder like Cumberbatch can do with his fame.

Are you a New Franciscan? Maybe a Hipster Marxist? Maybe you’re part of the Millennial Swing? Don’t be alarmed if these words confuse. Brendan O’Neill has a useful guide to new ideologies in a post-ideology age. Forward comrades!

And more…

The Letter To My Younger Self is a cracker. It’s with Top Gear’s James May. A marvellously conflicted character, he wants to give his 16-year-old-self a good wash. He is also lyrical about motor cars, the human condition and the Italian Renaissance. Very quotable.

John Bird has a great new year message that will discombobulate at first, and then make you consider.

Samira Ahmed, meanwhile, looks to Arnold Bennett, author, pal of HG Wells and Escoffier, but somebody with a gimlet eye for hypocrisy who never forgot where he came from. Connect with your past and future, urges Samira.

The award-winning Adam Forrest also looks to the future and considers the big ideas that could really work in the coming months. 3D printer house, anybody?

Elsewhere, our featured vendor is Roger Jewell in Saltash. Ex-forces, Roger spends time hiking around the south coast raising money for The Veterans Charity and selling The Big Issue at pitches as he goes. Fascinating character.

Meanwhile, Steven MacKenzie meets Ashley Banjo, the Gareth Malone of dance (and who doesn’t like to dance?), alternative self-help writer Oliver Burkeman supplies our My Week, and we look at The Book Of Miracles, a colourful tome from 1550.

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