• Dave Grohl is the voice we need in ‘times like these’

Dave Grohl is the voice we need in ‘times like these’

Issue 1447

Dave Grohl is the voice we need in ‘times like these’

The nicest man in rock Dave Grohl proves that title is deserved in a touching Letter To My Younger Self where he reflects on life in Nirvana and beyond, his relationship with his mother and how that informs the relationship he has with his daughters

Today for Tomorrow

This week, young people quizzed MPs on how they plan to protect future generations, we report on the next steps

One year of Covid

Reflecting on the 12 months since the first UK case was confirmed, Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya says it’s time to protect out most valuable resource – NHS workers

Also inside:

  • It’s clearly been a devastating year for people’s mental health but there is light at the end of the tunnel according to Dr Dean Burnett
  • Cal Flyn finds hope in the power of nature to claw its way back to health after the devastation wrought by human activity
  • Anyone can have a fabulous garden – even if you don’t have a magic money tree says Angela Scanlon
  • After a bruising few months, America comes together for a gentle kickabout on Sunday. Yes it’s the Super Bowl, and two-time winner Osi Umenyiora tells us why this year’s game is more significant than ever
  • Neglecting the veg patch over winter? You’ll reap what you sow, says Big Issue vendor Richard Todd
  • And find out why a tiny town in Lapland is bidding to host the 2032 summer Olympics

Plus plenty more!

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