Decision time: The winner takes it all

Issue 1209

Decision time: The winner takes it all

Is there a better to deal with the EU referendum than to have some of the main players mocked up as members of ABBA quoting ABBA lyrics and putting that on the cover of The Big Issue? I really don’t think there is.

Inside, ahead of June 23, we invite Remain and Leave to state their case. Alan Johnson and Priti Patel answer this question – What Has The EU Ever Done for Us?

In a bid to cut through the rhetoric, we then asked the good people at Full Fact to dig into each side’s claims and deliver the reality.

We also have top political scientist Chris Bickerton. He recently published an indispensible book for these times called The European Union: A Citizen’s Guide. He details the truth of what the EU does and then fields questions from readers and vendors about what is really going on and what will come next.

The Big Issue

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