Declan McKenna: Gen Z superstar

Issue 1423

Declan McKenna: Gen Z superstar

Singer, songwriter, glittery icon… Declan McKenna is the voice of a new generation and he answers readers’ questions in this exclusive interview.

Plus: The pandemic’s been a lucrative time for tech giants – and it’s exacerbating concentrations of global megawealth. What can be done to rebalance the system?

Also inside:

  • This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is with fast funny-man Paul Whitehouse, who realised at 16 his football dream wasn’t going to play out – luckily he scored on the comedy scene
  • What will the fossilised masks from the Covid age tell our descendants about how humanity chose to respond to the crisis?
  • Cinemas are opening again but as Hollywood blockbusters have all been delayed we’ve got Italian ones instead. So the classic tale of Pinocchio returns, this time with all its rough edges
  • When prison libraries closed due to coronavirus, one group was determined to ensure prisoners could keep reading
  • Our My Pitch is with James in Devon, who was struggling to cope with the impact of lockdown until his community did something extraordinary
  • And is height a risk factor for Covid – or is that all just a tall tale?

And much, much more!

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