Don’t Panic! It’s only ch-ch-changes

Issue 1034

Don’t Panic! It’s only ch-ch-changes

This week’s Big Issue pulls together a panel of experts – including Oliver Burkeman, Dr Christian Jessen and money guru Paul Lewis to help you make sense of whatever 2013 brings, whether it’s money, health or relationships.

Also in this week’s magazine

Top Gear host Richard Hammond writes a candid Letter to My Younger Self

Cbeebies host Sid Sloane tells us about his TV week

How to handle change? Finnish science writer Mikael Krogerus on how not to fear fundamental upheaval

Big Issue founder John Bird on why we need to focus our attention on addressing the problems with government

Plus, columnist Rachel Johnson, covert changes in North Korea, the week’s cultural highlights in your area, Street Lights, competitions, and much more!

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