Drama Queen: How she won the game of thrones

Issue 1201

Drama Queen: How she won the game of thrones

Gran of Thrones

The Queen celebrates her 90th birthday this week, and hers has been a long, extraordinary reign which has seen the monarchy transformed from venerable icons to a prime-time soap opera. We ask what the Royals could learn from Game of Thrones’ feuding families. Elsewhere in our GoT special, historian John Henry Clay explains why we love the epic stories of Westeros so much – it’s reflecting back at us what’s happening in our world now. And we have a bluffers’ guide to matching up Game of Thrones characters to their historical counterparts.


Hamill & The Kinks: Episode II

Mark Hamill is back again after his stunning revelations in last week’s Heroes edition. This week he sits down with The Kinks’ guitarist Dave Davies, who has interesting theories on the philosophies of Star Wars.

A Different Voice: On The Road

Continuing our A Different Voice series of writing by people who are living on the margins, Nick Andrew explains what it’s been like living in his car for nine years and nine months.


Our Letter To My Younger Self is legendary musician Laurie Anderson who talks about her unloving relationship with her mother, and what it was like to love Lou Reed.

From Harry Potter to The Parcel Yard, modern Britain is stuck in the Victorian past – which is why we must cherish the NHS, the only modern thing we’ve got, says John Bird.

The camera doesn’t lie – except it does, and we impose on photographs what we want to see, says Georgina Harding in our books feature.

Swedish actor Rebecca Ferguson starred in The White Queen and Mission Impossible 5, now she’s back to heat up the Cold War, as she explains in our Focus interview.

The earliest incarnations of Shakespeare on film are celebrated in Enlightenment.