Earth Day 2024

Issue 1612

Earth Day 2024

To celebrate Earth Day we look at how the planet’s precious resources are being consumed and exploited. In a special edition we investigate why reservoirs have gone to the dogs; how the quest for valuable resources has led governments and private enterprises to seriously look into mining the moon; the lessons that can be learned from five species of wildlife successfully making a comeback in the UK; the importance of the Climate and Nature Bill; the environmental cost of conflict, and much more.

We also meet Aasen Stephenson, the incredible artist who created this week’s cover. Explaining why he uses leaves as his canvas, he says: “leaves are beautiful before I’ve even turned them into art”.

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Also inside

  • Olly Murs tells us how he was boyband obsessed as a teenager so his younger self’s mind would melt knowing he was on tour with Take That
  • What happened when Sadiq Khan answered questions from our vendors and readers
  • How Germany’s more welcoming approach to refugees compares to our own
  • Kerry Condon on relishing her villainous turn in her new film In the Land of Saints and Sinners taking on Liam Neeson
  • How Dickens and the flow of the Thames inspired a new play about London life
  • Quizzing in the age of AI
  • And Plymouth vendor Mihaela wants to celebrate the kindness of her customers

Plus much more!

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