ISSUE 1320

Elvis and his American requiem: The 68 Comeback Special

1968 was a year of tumult and protest. It was also the year Elvis Presley found freedom, and his soul. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the King’s Comeback Special, Simon Goddard explains why it was a seminal moment

  • Ishbel Holmes was abandoned, homeless and abused. On an epic cycle around the world to make sense of her life she met a kindred spirit – a lame, wounded street dog named Lucy – who changed everything.
  • When The Rock has to leap off a tall building on to a moving car, Myles Humphus is the man he calls. Why the life of a stunt double is all about slipping under the radar.
  • David Attenborough’s war on plastic and the heatwave have led to a big rethink on free public access to drinking water. Do you know where you can get yours? We investigate.

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