End Housing Insecurity Now

Issue 1581

End Housing Insecurity Now

The UK is in the grip of a housing crisis. And those in society with least are bearing it most. The soaring cost of simply remaining in our homes is leading a march towards homelessness and a dark future. This is why Big Issue is launching the End Housing Insecurity Now campaign.

But the UK’s housing crisis has been building for years. According to the National Housing Federation, there are around 8.5 million people in the UK with some kind of unmet housing need. Social housing provided by councils and housing associations for people in need is becoming increasingly scarce. The knock-on effects are felt everywhere.

The new edition of The Big Issue takes a deeper look at the issues that concern us all, offering solutions to housing insecurity.

We ask whether Community Land Trusts are the next social housing revolution, how factory-built, modular homes could get people off the streets, whether excess office space could provide conversion opportunities, the pluses of living in shared communities, what the comfortable, sustainable and energy efficient home of the future looks like, we meet the people navigating the cost of living crisis by living in a bus, and find out how we end homelessness for good.

The supplement is sponsored by leading UK housebuilder Vistry Group.

Also inside

  • We report on Iceland’s life-saving Food Club one year on
  • Chris Bryant had a ringside seat at the “worst parliament in history”
  • How Social Bite founder Josh Littlejohn got George Clooney to drop by for coffee
  • George Orwell’s wife Eileen gets her belated dues
  • Combing through the movie world’s best facial hair
  • The story behind a dress made out of nettles
  • And Bristol vendor – and local legend – Jeff reflects on the kindness of his community

Plus much more!

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