Eurovision comes to the UK

Issue 1563

Eurovision comes to the UK

Måneskin: Sex and drugs and geopolitical block votes

As Liverpool prepares to host on their behalf this week, we’ve put together a special edition to celebrate…

Måneskin are the biggest band to emerge from Eurovision since ABBA. They’ve sold millions of records, been streamed billions of times, Iggy Pop loves them and they’re about to make their Glastonbury debut. They tell us this week that they now have a unique plan to change the world for the better.

Also inside

  • There’s a 16-page festival guide to make sure you have a summer of sounds, whatever your budget
  • Paul Simenon from The Clash talks about feeling they were on a mission in the early days of punk
  • Meet the Ukrainian artist whose video installation in Liverpool Cathedral is bringing her country’s plight to Eurovision
  • An interview with the bookie’s current Eurovision favourite (and returning winner) Loreen
  • How a music venue in London is helping young artists change the record when it comes to getting a start in the industry

Plus much more!

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